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There's A Keurig For Jello Shots That Gets The Party Started In 10 Minutes

Meet the Jevo. It uses pods of flavored gelatin to make 120 shots an hour.

Jello shots usually take hours, and can make a huge mess. A new machine, called a Jevo, can pump out up to 20 chilled shots in 10 minutes.

Food and Beverage Innovations

The Jevo can also make regular chilled shots, sans jello.

It uses automation technology similar to that of Keurig or SodaStream. The user just needs to pop in a special flavored gelatin pod and, if desired, liquor of choice.

Food and Beverage Innovations

Each shot has 1.5 ounces of gelatin (the size of a typical shot glass) and half an ounce of alcohol.

"It’s kind of cool because you can really get creative," Food and Beverage Innovations co-founder Jeff Jetton told BuzzFeed News. "You can become a mixologist."

So far, they've gotten the best feedback on cherry or apple combined with Jim Beam Kentucky Fire.

Recently, beverage pods have caused controversy among environmentalists for not being recyclable, with the Keurig inventor saying he sometimes regrets making them.

Food and Beverage Innovations
Food and Beverage Innovations

Jevo's founders claim they're taking that into consideration. "We will certainly be as green as we can possibly be," Jetton said.

The Portland, Oregon-based company plans to put Jevo on the market by the end of the year, with availability originally being restricted to bars and restaurants.

Food and Beverage Innovations

But the company's working on an at-home model, too.

Jevo isn't strictly for partying, Jetton added, and claims the company is testing out the machine as a means of delivering proteins, vitamins, and medications to elderly patients at medical centers.

Food and Beverage Innovations

"Think of what gummy bears did for gummy vitamins," he said. "We can do the same thing with gelatin. There's so much more to this than jello shots with alcohol."