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This Guy Used 8,024 Post-It Notes To Re-Decorate His Office In An Awesome Way

The superhero-themed designs took quite a lot of manpower.

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So the 31-year-old decided he wanted to transform the walls of his workplace, an eBay Enterprise-owned commerce design agency called The Shop in San Francisco.

Ben Brucker / Via

"This is a creative agency, but walking into the office, you wouldn’t know it," Brucker told BuzzFeed News. "I wanted us to feel like the space was truly ours, and for us to enjoy it."

He thought paint would be too time-consuming of a fix, so he settled on Post-it notes — 8,024 Post-it notes, to be exact.

Ben Brucker / Via

Brucker had carefully planned out how many of each color Post-it he'd need.


"I think it’s important to not hate your work environment," Brucker said. "And if you have an opportunity to change it, you should. It should reflect the personality of the people who work there every day."