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Chewbacca Expertly Spoofs Louis C.K.'s Show In The Spot-On "Chewie"

The Nerdist made a perfect Star Wars-Louie crossover.

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Louie fans know the FX show is delightfully spoof-able. Louis C.K. himself starred in a hilarious Saturday Night Live sketch, Lincoln.

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Now The Nerdist has made Chewie, the Star Wars-Louie crossover you didn't know you needed.

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They made the parody in advance of the Season 5 premiere, airing on April 9, and posted it to YouTube on Wednesday.

The entire intro sequence looks identical.


"In the comedy series Chewie, the galaxy-weary Chewbacca offers us a look inside the Louis C.K-esque day-to-day ordeals of his quest to find love and perform his hilarious brand of guttural stand-up," The Nerdist wrote on YouTube.

They even nailed the random camera flip-off.

It was all edited by Annikin Starkiller.

Naturally, the spoof ends when the wookie heads to the comedy club to tell (presumably) off-color jokes.

Chewie, you're a star.

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