This Cute Photo Series Aims To Break Down The Gender Stereotype Of The Term "Cat Ladies"

    Embrace your furry friends.

    One cat-loving photographer is trying to change a tired stereotype — that women are "crazy cat ladies" and men don't love their pets the same way.

    Brooklyn resident David Williams has been making a photo series called "Men & Cats" featuring guys and their feline friends since 2009.

    "I found the way society has genderized animal ownership very compelling," Williams, 26, told BuzzFeed News. "As a portrait photographer I was interested in capturing the relationships of my male friends and their cats."

    "I want to show that regardless of the stereotypes put on cat ownership, many people have found the joy that cat companionship can bring," he said.

    Besides all that, he added, "It was also a good excuse to hang out with a bunch of cats!"

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