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18 Things You'll Only Understand If You're A Virgo

It's Virgo season, y'all.

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Virgo when they're watching someone "help" them cause they coulda done it better the first time and now they gotta…

2. We have our ~quirks~.

the signs as that unfaithful dude meme: virgo

5. Like for instance, we don't necessarily BELIEVE in astrology but you better not come for our sign.

Me: ppl who believe in Zodiac signs are dumb & annoying lol Also me when someone slanders virgos:

6. We can freak out sometimes.

Virgo when you do something that bothers them vs Virgo doing something that bothers you

7. We've got a complicated range of emotions.

someone asked if i was a leo after i refused to back down on a thing i needed, i wanted to be like VIRGOS CAN BE FIRM TOO but was too scared

8. But hello, we'll totally take care of you.

Even on the verge of passing out a Virgo can call a Lyft or hail a cab it's in their DNA

9. You just have to treat us well.

I know us Virgos have bad attitudes; it's because y'all be taking us for granted, treat us like shit & walk all over us. So it's your fault.

10. And if you do, we'll be insanely loyal and good to you.

#Virgos have big hearts, and will give anything to make their family and true friends happy.

12. And we're great with words.

When you're a Virgo and every clapback in your mind is way to foul to ever say out loud. So all you can do is sit t…

13. We all have fantastic *memories*.

*shy but low key analyse everybody and makes sure to bring up some nonsense you did 16 years ago when y'all were 5…

14. And you really should take our advice. We KNOW what we're talking about.

me a virgo when people dont take my advice and their life falls apart just as i predicted and i gotta act surprised

15. OK, sometimes our feelings are a little bit ~intense~.

when a virgo has a crush on you:

16. But it's only because we're so clever.

#Virgo: You have a clever way of thinking and it's really hard for most people to carry a conversation with you.

17. And honestly, you should feel lucky to have us in your life.

i like virgos. they're assholes, perfectionists, usually successful, loyal, neat-freaks, & it's almost an honor to be liked by them.

18. Because, really:

virgo season is the only season that matters

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