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This Is What Popping A 20-Year-Old Zit Looks Like

Good-bye, old friend. NSFW or life. Or anything. Also, potentially triggering if you suffer from dermatillomania.

A guy named Andy Pepper had a zit on the back of his neck for TWENTY YEARS before he decided to finally pop it one day. And lucky for us, he documented it.

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Although it's two months old, it's trending again today.

The popping sesh starts like this.

Then a little bit of pus starts to break through.

And then OMG, FINALLLLLLLY sweet relief!!!

Pepper said it took him several popping sessions over the course of a week to drain the zit entirely.


Note: See a doctor before attempting to pop a massive pimple or cyst, as it can cause infection if you do it yourself.

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