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6 Smart Tools That Will Help You Grow Your Business

Need an automation for time tracking of your projects? Do you want to track working hours for the maximum productivity of your workers? Or, do you want to get more customers for your business? Then you need to maintain the discipline in your business. If you want to do those things manually, it will kill your time which is not a good idea. But don’t worry, in this era of technology, there are different smart tools which you can use to grow your business. However, there are lots of tools with various features. Here I am going to share only the best tools.

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1. Emplotime Software / Via

There is a saying which called “time is money,” and this applies to any business. If you want to do your projects on time, then you should use a time clock software. Though there are different software for time tracking, I will suggest using the Emplotime Software because of user-friendly features. It is easy to start, and anyone can use. It will work with your browser and give a detail report for your need. You can even track the location with it. The good news is, you can start it with the free trial.

2. Docusign

For business purposes, you need to sign in different documents. But signing all of them with a pen is tough, and you need to visit the place physically. But the DocuSign tool allows the users to sign in a document from any place using the desktop or the mobile device.

3. SalesLoft / Via

Need an automation in the sales calls and sales emails? Then use the SalesLoft tool. You can put a list of numbers with it. Then just click on start, and it will start calling number after number. There is no manual calling required when you have it. For emailing to customers, it helps to track the sales emails.

4. MailChimp

Need to send bulk emails to so many customers? Do you want to some ready email templates for your business? Then MailChimp is the best solution. It is easy to setup an email campaign with it. Also, the cost is comparatively low.

5. Rapportive / Via

This tool will connect the LinkedIn profile with the client Gmail id.So, whenever you are mailing one of your customers, this tool will appear the customers LinkedIn profile on the right side. So, you can learn something extra about the customer. It also lets you know the professional detail about the client.

6. GoCo

GoCo is a web platform which will streamline all of your critical business operations in one place. Users can use it for HR compliance to onboarding services with some easy steps.

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