Which Hoe Roomie Are You Actually?

The roomies of 1603 are always up to some sort of random shit. Whether it be from tutoring to tequila shots, talking politics to talking shit or baking to boning. We’re all hoes in our own special way, find out which hoe you are!

  1. You get to choose one song and one song only, which is it?
    1. Mr. Brightside by the Killers
    2. Hello by Adele
    3. Only by Nicky Minaj
  2. What's your go to order at mcdonalds?
    1. CHICKEN NUGGETS!!!! (is that even a question?)
    2. 2 junior chickens
    3. maybe some nuggets maybe a junior chicken depends on the night
    4. probs a fish fillet but maybe a wrap, who knows, maybe dabble in both
  3. Whats your favourite after bar snack?
    1. Smokes
    2. burger burger
    3. mcdonalds (chicken nuggets duh)
  4. How open are you?
    1. Will tell you even if you don’t ask
    2. Will tell you if you ask
    3. will maintain a curtain of mystery at all times
  5. how often do you distract your friends?
    1. Literally every time they try to do something productive
    2. every once and a while but only for a few minutes
    3. really not all that often, I’m usually too busy being distracted to actually distract
  6. how often do you go out?
    1. once a semester
    2. at least every weekend
    3. every once and a while when I’m feeling real crazy
  7. What are you usually doing when you say you're studying?
    1. laughing at memes
    2. no one really knows, maybe studying but probably not
    3. watching dog videos
    4. face timing someone (maria)
    5. tagging roomies in pics of chicken nuggets and fries
    6. sending links to posts on twitter and Facebook
  8. What is your response when someone wakes you up
    1. literally murder the person with your bare hands
    2. be mad but not kill the person
    3. you were probably already up (and have spare change to give the person so they can take the bus and leave)
  9. You roll in the next morning after a night out, where are you coming from?
    1. The bf’s with a new sweater in tow
    2. you made it home the night before but not without a poutine
    3. a *cough* friends house
  10. why are you crying?
    1. you watched a video of obama saying his farewells
    2. school is hard
    3. boys are dumb
    4. you don’t know why but you are
    5. you have no emotions so you don’t cry

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