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Which Hoe Roomie Are You Actually?

The roomies of 1603 are always up to some sort of random shit. Whether it be from tutoring to tequila shots, talking politics to talking shit or baking to boning. We're all hoes in our own special way, find out which hoe you are!

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  1. You get to choose one song and one song only, which is it?

    Mr. Brightside by the Killers
    Hello by Adele
    Only by Nicky Minaj
  2. What's your go to order at mcdonalds?

    CHICKEN NUGGETS!!!! (is that even a question?)
    2 junior chickens
    maybe some nuggets maybe a junior chicken depends on the night
    probs a fish fillet but maybe a wrap, who knows, maybe dabble in both
  3. Whats your favourite after bar snack?

    burger burger
    mcdonalds (chicken nuggets duh)
  4. How open are you?

    Will tell you even if you don't ask
    Will tell you if you ask
    will maintain a curtain of mystery at all times
  5. how often do you distract your friends?

    Literally every time they try to do something productive
    every once and a while but only for a few minutes
    really not all that often, I'm usually too busy being distracted to actually distract
  6. how often do you go out?

    once a semester
    at least every weekend
    every once and a while when I'm feeling real crazy
  7. What are you usually doing when you say you're studying?

    laughing at memes
    no one really knows, maybe studying but probably not
    watching dog videos
    face timing someone (maria)
    tagging roomies in pics of chicken nuggets and fries
    sending links to posts on twitter and Facebook
  8. What is your response when someone wakes you up

    literally murder the person with your bare hands
    be mad but not kill the person
    you were probably already up (and have spare change to give the person so they can take the bus and leave)
  9. You roll in the next morning after a night out, where are you coming from?

    The bf's with a new sweater in tow
    you made it home the night before but not without a poutine
    a *cough* friends house
  10. why are you crying?

    you watched a video of obama saying his farewells
    school is hard
    boys are dumb
    you don't know why but you are
    you have no emotions so you don't cry

Which Hoe Roomie Are You Actually?

You got: Kendall

This means you could probably teach a course in savagery but with the added twist that you're low-key about it. You're always busy doing something and when you find something you're passionate about you don't hold back, and your Facebook page filled with shared videos and information is proof of that! You're down to earth and you feel all da feels but you do a good job of keeping cool. you're favourite saying is probably "fuck you", "you're a hoe" or "I'm gonna get so drunk tonight (then the next day say I hardly drank last night)."

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You got: Julia

This probably means you are a big softie. When you try to be mean no one takes you seriously because they know you're not but its always good for a laugh anyway. You probably don't go out often and drunk stories about you probably seem like greek myths to people who weren't there to witness them but sometimes you do actually let loose and go crazy. Sometimes you're a bit of a push over but you always mean well. You're also probably the star of everyones snapchat stories You're favourite sayings are probably "ugh why isnt he answering my texts", "I feel like I haven't seen you in forever" (or you won't say anything because you suck at answering texts and often fall off the earth for hours on end because you're off somewhere probably getting laid)

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You got: Erin

This probably means you're cool as a cucumber. You like to let people think you don't have emotions but deep down in there somewhere you definitely do. Sometimes miley cyrus makes you tear up but thats hey its a small sign of emotion. You're the life of the party and everyone always wants you there. If you're not you're not with the guys eating pho or getting drunk (or whatever it is you do) you're probably in your room eating prosciutto or cheese strings watching netflix telling yourself you'll do work soon. You're fave saying is probably "I can't let myself get behind this semester", "I'm actually going to cook dinner tonight" or "I'm going to go out tonight".

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