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    Best Films On Netflix When You Have ✨Nothing✨ To Watch

    Some of my personal favorite shows on Netflix!

    Miss Americana: Taylor Swift

    Taylor Swift playing piano with her cat
    Taylor Swift / Via Seen “Miss Americana” on Netflix yet?

    This documentary really shows the struggles that Taylor went through during the course of her career. You get to see intimate moments throughout her life and there’s also some footage of her reputation tour which is awesome! (I also recommend watching her full reputation tour on Netflix as well.)

    Cops And Robbers

    Cops And Robbers Cover Art
    Netflix / Via Seen “Cops and Robbers” on Netflix yet?

    This is a short film about racial inequality. It truly it’s a beautiful short film and definitely worth taking 11 minutes out of your day to watch. It really shows the struggles that the black community faces on a day today basis and it’ll leave you thinking about it long after you finish watching.

    Selena: The Series

    Selena: The Series Cast
    Netflix / Via Seen “Selena: The Series” on Netflix yet?

    Such a great show. It follows Latin star Selena Quintanilla and her journey through the music industry. Overall is so worth the watch!

    Stranger Things

    Stranger Things 3
    Netflix / Via Seen “Stranger Things” on Netflix yet?

    This show is very popular, but definitely for a good reason. I’ve rewatched this show about a total of 8 times and every time I enjoy it just as much a the first time. I totally recommend it if you’ve never watched it!

    Sugar Rush: Extra Sweet

    Sugar Rush Extra Sweet
    Netflix / Via Seen “Sugar Rush” on Netflix yet?

    Okay, this show is super relaxing and overall such a chill show that I love to watch with my dog and my mom. :) It’s definitely worth the watch and is overall, such a fun show.

    The Umbrella Academy

    The Umbrella Academy
    Netflix / Via Seen “The Umbrella Academy” on Netflix yet?

    Again, this is a very well known show but is such a good one. It stars actors like Emmy Raver-Lampman, Elliot Page, Tom Hopper, and so many other fantastic actors and actresses. If you’re a fan of Stranger Things, I totally recommend you watch this.


    CBS / Via Seen “Survivor” on Netflix yet?

    Even though there’s only two seasons on Netflix at the time, this reality TV show is definitely a great watch. A bunch of contestants go on an island and compete against each other with mental, physical, and emotional challenges. At the end one contestant is crowned soul survivor and wins one million dollars. It’s such an interesting show and an easy watch.

    The Half Of It

    The Half Of It
    Netflix / Via Seen “The Half Of It” on Netflix yet?

    This movie is truly a masterpiece and everyone should go watch it right now. It’s an LGBTQ+ film directed by an LGBTQ woman. It’s such a fantastic movie that everyone should watch.

    Everything Sucks!

    Everything Sucks!
    Netflix / Via Seen “Everything Sucks!” on Netflix yet?

    So this show ended up getting canceled and we don’t get a season two, which SUCKS because there’s a big twist at the end. This show has such a good balance of comedy and emotion. Each episode is about 25 minutes so it’s a pretty easy watch that I would recommend to anyone.

    The Good Place

    The Good Place
    NBC / Via Seen “The Good Place” on Netflix yet?

    This is such a funny show and as well has a lot of emotion. I could binge watch this over and over. The characters are so perfectly casted and the dialogue isn’t cheesy as some comedy/ dramadys are. This show is a 10/10!

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