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28 Memes You'll Love If You Love Ruining Your Own Life

There's nothing I could have done differently.

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1. Lurking and finding exactly what you were looking for:

the phases of lurking and getting your feelings hurt

This isn't what I expected.

2. Overthinking all your social interactions:

Instagram: @problematiqueer

Ugh I just thought of the perfect joke.

3. Ignoring your patterns:

This is such a surprise!

This is such a surprise!

4. Passing up fun opportunities:

Instagram: @weareallmemes

I'm actually like...really busy all of a sudden.

5. Rewarding yourself for the bare minimum:

Time for some self care.

6. Refusing to make necessary changes:

Instagram: @snakelively

Nice! I'm just gonna stay right here.

7. Expecting people to read your mind:

I was literally so clear about this.

I was literally so clear about this.

8. Staying up all night:

Me: I'm gonna go to sleep early this week Me @ 3am:

Why am I so tired?

9. Leaving things till the absolute last minute:

Instagram: @weareallmemesll

Time after time...

10. Picking at your skin:

Instagram: @pixietang

Who did this damage???

11. Making yourself cry:

When ur sad and listen to sad music on purpose and get sadder

Instagram: @pixietang

*pulls up Spotify playlist titled: "Drowning in My Tears"*

12. Running away from your obligations:

Instagram: @weareallmemes

Look at me go!

13. Refusing to get out of bed:

Instagram: @weareallmemes

Okay if I just stood up I could turn off the light pretty fast but look at how creative my solution is!!

14. Lying to yourself:

Instagram: @weareallmemes

I'll go tomorrow it's fine.

15. Constantly oversharing:

Instagram: @snakelively


16. Stalking your crush:

on a date: ME: lemme show u this meme i saw [the zillow page of his childhood home is the last open tab] ME: actually this isn't my phone

That is so weird, must be the NSA.

17. Inventing conspiracy theories:

I knew it.

18. Never learning from your mistakes:

Instagram: @weareallmemes

This is the last time, I swear.

19. Thinking you're fine alone:

When you cut everyone off and now you bored but got too much pride to hit anyone up

I'm having a great time, don't worry about it.

20. Spoiling your favorite shows:

Oh. Cool.

21. Babbling on and on:

It would be weird if I stopped talking now, I'm just gonna keep going until someone cuts me off.

22. Ignoring important emails:

Instagram: @weareallmemes

Love a good clean inbox!

23. Jumping the gun:

Me 2 days later: Nevermind, that's cancelled.

24. Creating drama because you're bored:

I just wanted a little excitement.

25. Disregarding helpful advice:

Instagram: @weareallmemes

Yeah, I'm gonna pass on that one. Seems fake anyway.

26. Thinking too much about your past:

Instagram: @weareallmemes

I will never find someone else so perfect. My life will never be that good again.

27. Not letting things go:

Is it possible to just disappear now?

28. And using all the wrong coping mechanisms:

This is working for me, leave me alone.

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