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    22 Slightly Narcissistic Problems You've Definitely Experienced

    I am everything. I am the whole universe.

    1. It's a total shock every time someone ISN'T interested in you:

    @trailertrashgoddess / Via Instagram: @trailertrashgoddess

    This just...doesn't seem possible?

    2. People never seem to notice you as much as they should:

    @weareallmemes / Via Instagram: @weareallmemes

    This is the most offensive thing that's ever happened to me.

    3. So sometimes have to take matters into your own hands to get the attention you deserve:

    @weareallmemes / Via Instagram: @weareallmemes

    Everyone has to see me ASAP, because I have to return this pedestal by 5 p.m.

    4. You constantly have to be careful, because your beauty can be dangerous:

    @pixietang / Via Instagram: @pixietang

    He's gonna leave his wife now for sure.

    5. Sometimes other people forget that everything actually revolves around you:

    @snakelively / Via Instagram: @snakelively

    I'm sad today, so everyone should be sad. That's how it works.

    6. You get criticized for admiring yourself:


    Okay there's never a perfect time to take selfies, Mom! God!

    7. Sometimes your significant other forgets how lucky they are to have you:

    @carolynduchene / Via Instagram: @carolynduchene

    Do you even understand who is sitting in front of you right now?

    8. There are times when you just CAN'T resist the urge:

    It's not my fault that I just happen to look incredible every time I run into my ex.

    9. People can be so ungrateful toward you:


    You would be NOTHING without me. NOTHING.

    10. You always have an audience to impress:

    Instagram: @pixietang

    Ugh I look so bad right now, I hope the NSA isn't watching.

    11. Sometimes you have to make do with an amateur photographer:


    "I know you're only five, but can you PLEASE take a photo that isn't so blurry?"

    12. People seem to think you need feedback:

    @weareallmemes / Via Instagram: @weareallmemes

    I don't want to hear it. I'm flawless and that's final.

    13. Everyone is always trying to steal your spotlight:

    Why does everyone always need something RIGHT when I'm getting my chance to shine?

    14. People will call you self-centered. As if that's an insult...

    @carolynduchene / Via Instagram: @carolynduchene

    Wow, thank you so much. I really am.

    15. Your artistic choices are always being questioned:

    North just didn't look that good, and she was ruining the composition of the photo. There's an aesthetic to maintain here...

    16. You have to balance looking amazing while also completing your daily tasks:

    Drive a mile in these Louboutins...

    17. People are always stating the obvious:


    18. You get so many unnecessary questions...

    It doesn't matter who this is, just tell me the haircut looks great...

    19. Sometimes you sound "vain" when you're just stating objective facts:


    I'm just telling the truth.

    20. There are moments when you start to doubt sometimes you have to double-check:

    Okay, that's what I thought.

    21. Being desirable is a full-time job...

    @pixietang / Via Instagram: @pixietang

    I'm so tired...I've been posing for hours.

    22. Because honestly? It's hard being the center of the world:

    I am...everything. I am the whole universe.

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