24 Times Your Favorite Kids' Cartoons Suddenly Got Really Deep

    "Life is so hard, Tommy. Sometimes I think it's the hardest thing there is."

    1. When Stu Pickles lost the meaning in his own life.


    2. When Timmy Turner's dad's words hit a little too close to home.


    3. When Angelica casually brought up the fact that none of us will ever be kids again.


    4. When Adventure Time just straight up messed with your head.

    5. When Helga's mom alluded to dealing with depression.


    6. When Chuckie said it best:

    7. When Ice King brought up an important question.

    8. When Filbert got a scarily accurate fortune.

    9. When Dib didn't even realize he was talking about life itself.


    10. When Pigeon Man explained his disconnect with people.


    11. When Rocko was quite literally and violently flung into the Real World.

    12. When Spongebob lost his spark.

    13. When this Bikini Bottom citizen worked a 9-5 just like the rest of us.

    14. And when Squidward got hopelessly bored with his daily routine.

    15. When grown-up Angelica learned about the pains of unrequited love.

    16. When the Professor from The Powerpuff Girls faced his crippling loneliness.


    17. When Squidward's dating life matched your own.

    18. And when Ed had his first heartbreak.


    19. When Courage the Cowardly Dog got very real.

    20. When Ms. Grotke talked about our nation's dark history:

    21. And again:

    22. When Tommy enlightened us all.

    23. When AT managed to freak you out while also being reassuring:

    24. And when Jake taught us that sadness is OK: