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21 Times Sansa Stark Was The Smartest "Game Of Thrones" Character

"Lady Stark, you may survive us yet." Spoilers ahead.

1. When she made Joffrey think she knew nothing about battle...

2. ...and then tricked him into going to the deadliest location.

If only he had died then!

3. When she figured out Petyr Baelish was the one behind Joffrey's death.

4. When she flawlessly pretended to be Baelish's niece to protect herself after Joffrey's murder.

5. But then abandoned the façade at the right moment.

6. And used her acting chops to pass off Lysa's murder as a suicide, thus protecting her and Baelish.

7. When she used Baelish's attraction to her as a weapon and played up her sexuality to manipulate him.


With a dress she sewed herself, by the way.

8. All the times she played up how much of a "stupid girl" she was.

9. And every moment she bit her tongue when Joffrey spoke of killing her father.

She kept her guard up and it paid off.

10. When she convinced EVERYONE that she was truly in love with Joffrey.

HBO / Via

With a bruise on her cheek, no less.

11. And when she hid her true feelings even from the people who agreed with her.

12. When she silently endured her current situations until better things came along.

A true survivor.

13. When she made the cleverest attempt of all to save Eddard's life.

HBO / Via

Admit it: We all thought it was crazy enough to work.

14. When she expertly hid her joy of Joffrey finding a new wife from the world.

15. When she befriended the people most likely to help her finally leave King's Landing.

Instead of pettily fighting over being Joffrey's queen.

16. When she said the truest thing on Earth.

17. Also this.

HBO / Via

Profoundest teen ever.

18. When she had the BEST subtle insult for Joffrey.

19. When she offered her friendship and compassion to the right people.

She was expected to hate Tyrion, but ended up having a sweet relationship with him.

20. When she learned from the very best.

21. And when she called out everyone else for not being as brilliant as her.