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23 Times Chandler Bing Perfectly Described Being Single

"I'm hopeless and awkward and desperate for love!"

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1. When someone asks you about your dating history:

2. When you try to write a solid Tinder bio:

3. When you hang out with that one friend who gets phone numbers like NBD:

4. When you polish off an entire Seamless order in bed by yourself:

5. When you get an OkCupid message that turns out to be total garbage:

6. When you feel like all your friends have suddenly paired up out of nowhere:

7. When you're the seventh wheel at literally every social event:


8. When your family asks you about your love life:

9. When your coupled up friends say you should enjoy being single:

10. When your Instagram is flooded with couple selfies:

11. When you're stuck on a terribly dull date you can't escape:

12. When you sift through your exes for a drunken booty call:

13. When you go to a bar and end up making out with a total stranger:

14. When your friends give you dating tips you have no idea how to apply:


15. When you seriously question your attractiveness:

16. When you start to wonder about all the things you must be doing wrong:

17. When you come off just a tad too grouchy on a first date:

18. When someone unexpectedly hits on you:

19. When you get asked out by someone you've been crushing on forever:

20. When your friends surprisingly ask you for relationship advice:

21. When you decide to treat yourself for once:

22. When you own up to your hopes for a relationship and don't judge yourself for it:

23. And when you have your best friends to keep you company:

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