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23 Times Bryan Cranston And Aaron Paul Blessed The World In 2013

Breaking Bad may have ended this year, but this friendship is forever.

1. When they read the last episode for the first time:

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And made the finale hurt even more :(

2. When they had cameos in Jimmy Fallon's "Joking Bad" sketch:

3. When Aaron posted these photos of Bryan:

4. And when Bryan and Aaron revealed an alternative ending for the show:

5. When Bryan read a very sensual fan letter about him and Aaron on Conan:

Aaron Paul's delighted face was the cherry on top.

6. And when they then proceeded to practice their scary resting faces:

7. And when Bryan pinched Aaron's cheek!

8. When they revealed that it was actually Bryan Cranston walking around in a Heisenberg mask at Comic Con:

9. And when they then made out with said Heisenberg mask:

10. When they were blown away by David Blaine:

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Aaron freaks out and it's precious.

11. When Bryan was a groomsman at Aaron's wedding:

12. When Aaron was there for Bryan when he finally got his Hollywood star:

13. And when Aaron then planted a congratulatory kiss of pure beauty onto Bryan Cranston's cheek:

14. When they took this gnarly photo for their Entertainment Weekly cover:

15. When they played a game where Bryan had to guess if the quote was from Breaking Bad or Malcolm In The Middle:

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(Which is so much tougher than it sounds.)

16. When they unconsciously struck the same pose at this panel discussion:

17. When they looked like proud parents as they watched Rainn Wilson and Mae Whitman play them in a staged reading of Breaking Bad:


18. When they got goofy at the Emmys:

19. And when they lovingly embraced at the SAG Awards:

20. When they were a set of friendship necklaces:

21. When they got real cuddly at the final season premiere:

22. When they drank champagne together like the classy gentlemen they are:

23. And when they got into the RV, one last time: