23 Times Bryan Cranston And Aaron Paul Blessed The World In 2013

Breaking Bad may have ended this year, but this friendship is forever.

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1. When they read the last episode for the first time:

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And made the finale hurt even more :(

3. When Aaron posted these photos of Bryan:


With the caption "I miss this man" oqefhauwycobkahgfj

4. And when Bryan and Aaron revealed an alternative ending for the show:


Sure, the real ending was really good, but it doesn't come close to this.

10. When they were blown away by David Blaine:

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Aaron freaks out and it's precious.

15. When they played a game where Bryan had to guess if the quote was from Breaking Bad or Malcolm In The Middle:

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(Which is so much tougher than it sounds.)

16. When they unconsciously struck the same pose at this panel discussion:

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Right legs crossed in perfect unison = they are spiritually connected as BFFs.