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27 Times Amy Schumer Nailed What Dating Is Like For Women

"I like to be draped in sweatpants."

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1. The idea of sexting someone you just met on a dating app is completely baffling to you.

2. And it usually makes you feel pretty ridiculous.

3. Not to mention all the weird things you have to sift through on Tinder.

4. And you always feel goofy taking a selfie, so you usually just opt out.

5. You sometimes feel like your non-single friends see you as the "wild" friend.

When deep down, you may not be at all.

6. You end up receiving dubious dating tips and sometimes try them anyway.

7. Despite knowing you shouldn't, you feel pressure to look a certain way.

8. And to re-examine all your flaws over and over again.

9. You even occasionally question your sexual prowess.

10. You also wonder if your standards are too high.

11. You are a true romantic deep down and are far from cynical.

12. It's just that the reality can feel a little bleaker.

13. You still have a few exes you're not totally cool with.

14. And you wonder if you could ever really get along with someone over a long period of time.

15. Still - you make an effort to get excited about every new date.

16. Though, you hate agonizing over your outfit.

17. And you wish you could just wear what you feel best in.

18. You get nervous about how witty you are.

19. And you worry that you talk too much or open up too soon.

20. You exaggerate certain details about yourself to impress them.

21. And you hope they'll still like you way down the line, once they get to know you better.

22. You wish you could just be honest.

23. Like, just really really honest.

24. Just...really say what's on your mind.

25. Because you just want someone to get what you're all about from the get-go.

26. And one day, your honesty may connect you with an equally rad person.

27. But until've gotten this single thing down perfectly.

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