21 Things Only Girls Who Are Addicted To Nail Polish Know To Be True

    *nail chips an hour after you just painted it* = life over.

    1. Painting your nails is a ritual that can't be interrupted.

    2. You change your nail color every time you get bored with it or want it to match an outfit, which is like three times a week.

    3. You pretty much have a full treasure chest of polishes, and your collection is only growing.

    4. You can't make a trip to a drugstore without leaving with a new OPI or Essie bottle.

    5. And you get mocked by your friends for owning several slightly different shades of the same color.

    6. Watching a fresh coat of polish start to chip is always emotionally difficult for you.

    7. And you hate doing the dishes or anything heavy duty with your hands because it's death for your nails.

    8. You consider coloring within the lines to be one of your biggest achievements as a human.

    9. And while you're not perfect, you can manage to make both hands look somewhat even after years of practice.

    10. Still, you occasionally underestimate how long it takes for your nails to dry and this happens.

    11. You plan your colors and designs around holidays and special occasions.

    12. You've spent hours staring at complicated Pinterest tutorials.

    13. You've experimented with gels, dainty designs, and tons of glitter.

    14. And you've grown your nails out to different shapes to try and stay on trend.

    15. You regularly paint your friends' nails, and you do it perfectly.

    16. You maybe even got a guy to let you paint his (or at the very least, it's on your bucket list).

    17. You don't just reserve nail polish for your nails either.

    18. You find this funny.

    19. And you live by this mantra.

    20. You feel like a large part of your soul is missing when you don't have nail polish on, or have to walk around with chipped nails.

    21. Because nothing refreshes you like new nails. Absolutely nothing.