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23 Things Only Girls Who Are Addicted To Lipstick Know To Be True

You leave your mark on EVERYTHING.

1. No one ever has to worry about which cup is yours.

2. And you're always making the mistake of re-applying a fresh coat RIGHT before eating.

You somehow never learn.

3. You leave Sephora looking like this every time. EVERY TIME.

4. Windy days and long hair are always out to get you.

5. And you face a day-to-day fear of not knowing you got lipstick on your teeth.

So many people keep quiet about it and let you walk around like a doofus.

6. Your loved ones have learned to accept the inevitable.

7. And when you do meet a cute new stranger, you have to really think about your lipstick choices.

A bold lip is the most "you." But then again, kissing (and the aftermath) might be really annoying for the other person. WHAT TO DO?

8. You have your application and blotting ritual down, and you feel entirely off if you don't do it.

9. You know and have learned to deal with your vibrant lip fading far too quickly.


You're that person who takes too long in the bathroom at parties because your red lip needs to be perfect.

10. You unintentionally look really vain because you're always whipping out your compact or your phone camera to check your lip game.

Paramount Pictures / Via

It requires constant maintenance.

11. But your friends forgive you, because they always ask to borrow your lipstick.


"I'm going on a date, can I borrow your lip gloss?"

12. This is what your stash looks like. And it's only growing.

13. You spend shameful amounts of money on expanding your collection.

The upside is at least you rack up a lot of customer points to buy even more lipstick with?

14. You've never understood how your lipstick gets so horribly and mysteriously misshapen.

15. Even more tragically — it can melt if you're not careful, leaving you an emotional wreck.

16. And the days where your lipstick falls out of your bag and is lost forever are ones that will haunt you for eternity.

17. The most devastating though is when you realize it's almost all gone.

18. But then you get to buy a new one and experience complete nirvana when you take off the cap.

19. You've dreamed up hues that you can't actually find in stores, and it's a source of constant disappointment in your life.

20. You've experimented with some ambitious looks, which you may or may not regret.

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Blue lipstick? Been there, done that.

21. You frequently struggle to commit to a color and almost have an existential crisis over it.


Am I feeling red today? Burgundy? Bubblegum pink? HELP.

22. Because the right lipstick will always somehow reflect your mood perfectly.


There's a color for every occasion.

23. And it makes you look confident even when you feel like crap.

It's a part of you that you will never give up.


Lipstick will be pried only from your cold, dead fingers.

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