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There Is A "Mean Girls" Jewelry Line Coming Out And It Is So Fetch

"OMG, I love your bracelet, where did you get it?"

Mean Girls turns 10 this year come April.

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Yeah, it's crazy.

Which is why it's perfect timing for Stella and Bow's new line of jewelry inspired by the classic film:

You can get the "Regina" bracelet:


$110 in gold or silver.

Or the "Gretchen":


$110 in gold or silver.

There's "Janis", cleverly made in rose gold:

Or the "Damian" 14k gold cuff with a little pink Swarovski stone he would definitely approve of:

Or you can have any of the "Cady" bead-and-gold bracelets:

All $37.95.

There's also this cute "Aaron" ring:


$23.30 in gold or silver.

Or, if you're looking for an edgier piece, there's the "Ms. Norbury":

Or you can just keep it simple with the "Glen Coco" (which has "Fetch" written on the back):


$53.25 in gold or silver.

But everyone should get the "Karen" hairclip:

The line drops mid-February, but all the items are on pre-sale!

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