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    19 Shel Silverstein Quotes That Definitely Shaped You Growing Up

    “And all the colors I am inside have not been invented yet.”

    1. "​Listen to the mustn'ts, child,

    Listen to the don'ts.

    Listen to the shouldn'ts.

    The impossibles, the won'ts.

    Listen to the never haves.

    Then listen close to me—

    Anything can happen, child,

    Anything can be." - Where the Sidewalk Ends

    2."How much good inside a day?

    Depends how good you live 'em.

    How much love inside a friend?

    Depends how much you give 'em." - A Light in the Attic

    3. "There is a voice inside of you

    That whispers all day long,

    'I feel this is right for me,

    I know that this is wrong.'

    No teacher, preacher, parent, friend

    Or wise man can decide

    What's right for you -- just listen to

    The voice that speaks inside." - Falling Up

    4. "It's amazing the difference

    A bit of sky can make." - Where the Sidewalk Ends

    6. "When the light turns green, you go. When the light turns red, you stop. But what do you do when the light turns blue with orange and lavender spots?" - A Light in the Attic

    7. "She had blue skin,

    And so did he.

    He kept it hid

    And so did she.

    They searched for blue

    Their whole life through,

    Then passed right by-

    And never knew." - Every Thing On It

    8. "ALICE

    She drank from a bottle called DRINK ME

    And she grew so tall,

    She ate from a plate called TASTE ME

    And down she shrank so small.

    And so she changed, while other folks

    Never tried nothin' at all." - Where the Sidewalk Ends

    9. "So please get your rags

    And your polishing jars,

    Somebody has to go polish the stars." - A Light in the Attic

    10. "Tell me I'm clever,

    Tell me I'm kind,

    Tell me I'm talented,

    Tell me I'm cute,

    Tell me I'm sensitive,

    Graceful and Wise

    Tell me I'm perfect--

    But tell me the TRUTH." - Falling Up

    12. "Underneath my outside face

    There's a face that none can see.

    A little less smiley,

    A little less sure,

    But a whole lot more like me." - Every Thing On It

    13. "He wasted his wishes on wishing." - Where the Sidewalk Ends

    14. "I'll take the dream I had last night

    And put it in my freezer,

    So someday long and far away

    When I'm an old grey geezer,

    I'll take it out and thaw it out,

    This lovely dream I've frozen,

    And boil it up and sit me down

    A dip my old cold toes in." - A Light in the Attic

    15. "Talked my head off

    Worked my tail off

    Cried my eyes out

    Walked my feet off

    Sang my heart out

    So you see,

    There's really not much left of me." - Every Thing On It

    17. "I will not play at tug o' war.

    I'd rather play at hug o' war,

    Where everyone hugs

    Instead of tugs,

    Where everyone giggles

    And rolls on the rug,

    Where everyone kisses,

    And everyone grins,

    And everyone cuddles,

    And everyone wins." - Where the Sidewalk Ends

    18. "All The Woulda-Coulda-Shouldas

    Layin' In The Sun,

    Talkin' 'Bout The Things

    They Woulda-Coulda-Shoulda Done...

    But All Those Woulda-Coulda-Shouldas

    All Ran Away And Hid

    From One Little Did." - Falling Up

    19. "There are no happy endings.

    Endings are the saddest part,

    So just give me a happy middle

    And a very happy start." - Every Thing On It