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What To Do If Your Sex Drive Is Much Lower (or Higher) Than Your Partner's

Having very different sex drives — especially right now — is more common than you think.

Whether you're quarantining with your partner or maintaining a long-distance relationship right now, you might be experiencing vastly different levels of sexual desire.

Thanks to a little more (or less) free time or routine, you might be feeling more turned on than ever — but your partner might be too stressed to even think about having sex at all. Or, vice versa: You could be getting flirty sexts at all hours of the day but barely muster the energy to type back a ";)".

To help, we asked an expert for advice. If you're struggling with very different sex drives right now, here are seven things you can try.

1. Go easy on yourself if you've suddenly lost interest in sex.

2. Don't put pressure on your partner to make sex happen (or view it as rejection if they're not into it.)

3. Be honest about how you feel — without blaming each other.

4. See where you can switch up your non-sexual routine.

5. Take matters into your own hands.

6. Reevaluate your day-to-day schedules.

7. Make each other feel good when sex isn't part of the equation.

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