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17 Reasons You Should Love Eddie Redmayne

Aside from him being amazing in The Danish Girl, The Theory of Everything, Les Misérables (the list goes on.)

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1. He cracks the best jokes.

2. And never takes himself too seriously, even after he's won a friggin' OSCAR.

3. In fact, he gets all adorably flustered when being showered with well-deserved praise.

4. And despite his success, he is delightfully bashful.

The Weinstein Company / Via

5. He not only respects his fans - he totally gets them.

London Film Museum / Via

6. He understands you. He is you.

7. He makes subconscious lip-biting an art that should be studied extensively.

8. He is the god of tousled hair.

9. If the eyes are the windows to the soul, his reveal a soul too magnificent for this world.

Universal Pictures / Via

10. He nails playing a cowboy better than any American boy.

11. He's obviously a true romantic.

12. He can make even a phrase like "sexy time" sexy.

Phase 4 Films / Via

13. Because, HI.

14. Like you DON'T wish this was your life.

15. Even when he's trying to be serious, a smile creeps in.

Vanity Fair / Via

16. Rooms literally brighten with his smile.

17. He is a pure, bouncing ball of joy and sunshine here to vastly improve your life. / Via


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