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29 Reasons Book Nerds Are The Only People You Should Date

"What I love most in the world are my books."

1. They're never boring because they're constantly seeking more knowledge and unique experiences.

2. And, because they read so much, they're obviously intelligent and can keep up an interesting conversation.

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3. They're passionate about the right things in life, and they know how to defend the books they love.

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4. They cutely geek out over the tiniest details like old book scents and special edition prints.

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5. You'll get a total book boner every time you're in their room and see some hot stacks.

6. Buying them gifts will be the biggest no-brainer.

7. Adorable, impossibly romantic bookstores and libraries become prime date destinations.


*making out in the deserted aisles optional but highly recommended

8. Swapping prized books and reading the same beautiful words they love is nothing short of magic.

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9. You'll suddenly become exposed to books you may have never even heard of if not for them.

10. And you'll have access to so many free books via their personal library.

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But you HAVE to return them.

11. You can read in front of them without them thinking you're not interested in them - in fact, they'll be happy to join you.

12. Which means plenty of literary cuddling, aka the best kind of cuddling.

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13. And book lovers of all people know the importance of a cozy reading environment, so they will set that reading mood right.

14. Watching them read is always a treat, because you see how focused they get.

15. Which can lead to situations that are breathtakingly precious.

16. And when you see them catch something funny and crack a smile, your heart will melt a little.

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17. They're extra charming when they get excited about you reading their favorite book and keep checking in on your progress.

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"Did you get to the part yet? You'll know when it happens. So...did you?"

18. They're into BDSM*


*Bronte, Dickinson, Shakespeare, Morrison

19. You'll always have the most creative couples costumes.

20. The biggest obstacle in your relationship will be prying them from an engrossing novel when you have to get going.

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21. The angriest you'll ever see them is when they can't focus on reading.

22. Or when they finally finish a book but the ending leaves them dissatisfied.

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23. They can sometimes read too much, which is a terrible flaw you'll have to somehow find it in your heart to forgive.

24. You'll never watch a film adaptation the same way again, because they'll always fill you in on what the movie missed.

25. They have a sexy confidence because they know how to be alone, so long as they have a great book in their hand.

26. As a result, they know themselves really well and aren't afraid to be honest.

27. You'll have endless things to talk about and bond over, because you'll always be reading something new.

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28. Book nerds are everything you could ever want in a partner.

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29. And they are simply the sexiest people out there.

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