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19 Reasons You Should Get A Pixie Cut (If You've Always Wanted One)

Follow your heart when changing your head.

1. Your cheekbones will look AMAZING.

Columbia Pictures / Via

2. And your ears will be très mignonnes.

Trinity Filmed Entertainment / Via

3. It takes a weight off your shoulders...LITERALLY

Universal Pictures / Via

Fantine is clearly singing about the freedom that is chopping off five inches of heavy hair.

4. You can wear tons of makeup and still look elegant.

The short hair balances out even the thickest of eyeshadows.
Getty / Stephen Lovekin

The short hair balances out even the thickest of eyeshadows.


5. And you can wear the loudest of clothes without looking tacky.

6. You'll have SO many more halloween options.

20th Century Fox / Via

Columbia from Rocky Horror + pretty much any male character you can think of.

7. Styling is SO EASY. Like "wash, dry, add gel and leave" easy.

8. Hot weather is suddenly a lot more tolerable too.

Warner Bros. Pictures / Via

9. You’ve always wondered what you'd look like with short hair.

Do you really never want to find out?
Paramount Pictures / Via

Do you really never want to find out?

10. It provides your previously dyed, split-endy hair with the cleanest slate imaginable.

20th Century Fox

11. It also feels like an emotional fresh start.

12. It takes guts to sport, whether you chopped off a few inches just because...

13. ...Or you're regrowing your hair after beating the odds.

14. All you need to look sleek and edgy is a palm full of hair gel.

15. You could be as beautiful and stylish as Ginnifer and the Jennifers:

Chelsea Lauren/WireImage
Carlo Allegri/Reuters
Mario Anzuoni/Reuters

(Which should totally be a band, btw.)

16. Everyone will be OBSESSED with your new hair.

Paramount Pictures / Via

People get really excited about pixie cuts.


17. You can channel classic film icons Audrey Hepburn and Mia Farrow.

18. It's also just hair, dude. Unless you're Rapunzel from Tangled, it'll grow back.

And Flynn did say he dug it ;)
Disney / Via

And Flynn did say he dug it ;)

19. You only have one life, so what are you doing not having the hair you want?

Konichiwa / Via
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