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13 Questions This One Woman Has For This One Man

Sometimes you just have to get specific.

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1. Why are you so friendly on some days and so distant on others?


5. Why does it sometimes feel like we’re in swampy waters with our relationship?

7. When we sit down for dinner together, all I ever hear is crickets. Why is that?


8. When we get into our bad fights, why do you choose such venomous words?

9. You used to sweetly hiss in my ear. Why don’t you do that anymore?

10. When I’m talking to you about my day, why do your eyes glaze over as if you have a clear membrane folding over them to lock in the moisture? Do you think I can’t tell?


11. Why would you say "I’ll always hold your hand, baby" and then immediately yank yours off and regrow a new one? Is this all just a big joke to you?

12. What exactly do you mean when you keep saying "I just need to start over, shed my old skin?" ARE YOU BREAKING UP WITH ME?