The 15 Most Offensively Named Beauty Products

OPI definitely comes out on top here.

1. “Iris I Was Thinner” nail polish by Sephora OPI

Really now.

2. “Washabi,” “Geishalicious,” and “Shang High” shampoo by Cibu


This is tame compared to the actual ads.

3. “Hot Slut” by Cheeky Monkey

“Hot Slut,” “Trailer Trash,” and “Party Whore” are just the tip of the iceberg.

4. “Schitzo” eyeshadow color by The Balm

Calling women crazy is always a good idea, especially if it involves using the name of a real mental illness.

5. “Miso Happy with This Color” nail polish by OPI

Why. Why do you do this, OPI??

6. “Unforgivable Woman” perfume name and advertisements by Sean John


This doesn’t at all bring to mind images of domestic violence sparked by a woman’s supposed promiscuity. And wouldn’t the image above be more “passionate” if the woman was smiling/actually looking into P. Diddy’s eyes?

7. “I’m Not Really a Whore” by Naughty Nailz

Hopefully discontinued at this point.

8. “Celebutard” lipstick by Kat Von D

Earlier this month, Kat Von D’s new lipstick was pulled off shelves for, well, obvious reasons.

9. “Hassid” nail polish by American Apparel

Are there really no other words to describe “black”? Do we really need to bring someone’s religious beliefs into this?

10. MAC “Underage” Tinted Lipglass


MAC’s Tinted Lipglass pays an eerie tribute to the Nabokov novel with names such as “underage” and “nymphette,” a term Humbert uses to refer to Lolita and other girls “between the ages of 9 and 14” as throughout the story.

11. “Chinois” eye shadow by Stila

“Chinois” means “Chinese” in French. And apparently it’s also the name of a beauty product.

12. “Trophy Wife” nail polish by Essie

The description at the bottom makes it even more uncomfortable.

13. “Give Me Moor!” nail polish by OPI

Yup, this seems right, naming cosmetics after an ethnic group.

14. “OY — Another Polish Joke!” nail polish by OPI


Yiddish stereotypes — as golden as this polish color, apparently.

15. “What’s a Tire Jack?” nail polish by Sephora OPI

LOL @ women driving!

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