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The 15 Most Offensively Named Beauty Products

OPI definitely comes out on top here.

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6. "Unforgivable Woman" perfume name and advertisements by Sean John

This doesn't at all bring to mind images of domestic violence sparked by a woman's supposed promiscuity. And wouldn't the image above be more "passionate" if the woman was smiling/actually looking into P. Diddy's eyes?

10. MAC "Underage" Tinted Lipglass

MAC's Tinted Lipglass pays an eerie tribute to the Nabokov novel with names such as "underage" and "nymphette," a term Humbert uses to refer to Lolita and other girls "between the ages of 9 and 14" as throughout the story.

14. "OY — Another Polish Joke!" nail polish by OPI

Yiddish stereotypes — as golden as this polish color, apparently.

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