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    19 Makeup Flubs We've All Made

    You only have a 60% success rate with liquid eyeliner? One of us, one of us!

    1. When multi-tasking makes your nail art reach a whole new level.

    2. When your curling iron cruelly interrupts your daydreams.

    3. When ambitious contouring gets a little out of hand.

    4. When you have to sacrifice the perfect cat eye because symmetry isn't your forté.

    5. When you try to think outside the box a little too literally.

    6. When you choose to re-evaluate your life on too deep a level.

    7. When you suddenly become uncomfortably aware that you're using the makeup-version of a medieval torture device.

    8. When all the wrong things are clinging to you.

    9. When you really regret you said anything.

    10. When expectations never meet reality.

    11. When you've come on too strong.

    12. When your eyes have explored the dark side a little too much.

    13. When the YouTube tutorials utterly betray you.

    14. When you realize you're embarrassingly transparent.

    15. When standing still is a matter of life or death.

    16. When your blush becomes the cause of your shame rather than the effect.

    17. When your attempt to hide your tiredness makes you reach ghost status.

    18. When your wardrobe resembles your elementary school chalkboard.

    19. And, lastly, when you're comforted by the fact that we've all been there: