19 Makeup Flubs We’ve All Made

You only have a 60% success rate with liquid eyeliner? One of us, one of us!

1. When multi-tasking makes your nail art reach a whole new level.

Lay’s Potato Chips / Via

2. When your curling iron cruelly interrupts your daydreams.

3. When ambitious contouring gets a little out of hand.

Twitter/Kim Kardashian / Via Twitter: @KimKardashian

4. When you have to sacrifice the perfect cat eye because symmetry isn’t your forté.

5. When you try to think outside the box a little too literally.

6. When you choose to re-evaluate your life on too deep a level.

Way too deep.

7. When you suddenly become uncomfortably aware that you’re using the makeup-version of a medieval torture device.

Beauty Heaven / Via

8. When all the wrong things are clinging to you.

Quick Meme / Via

9. When you really regret you said anything.

Vampy Varnish / Via

10. When expectations never meet reality.

YouTube / Via

11. When you’ve come on too strong.

Self Tanning Queen / Via

12. When your eyes have explored the dark side a little too much.

13. When the YouTube tutorials utterly betray you.

Vine / Via

14. When you realize you’re embarrassingly transparent.

Beauty and Justice For All / Via

15. When standing still is a matter of life or death.

The worst.

16. When your blush becomes the cause of your shame rather than the effect.

Fashion and Beauty Fix / Via

17. When your attempt to hide your tiredness makes you reach ghost status.

Frugalista Blog / Via

18. When your wardrobe resembles your elementary school chalkboard.

April Athena 7 / Via

19. And, lastly, when you’re comforted by the fact that we’ve all been there:

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