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20 Lip Balm Flavors That Could Ruin Food Forever

They've thought of everything.

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1. French Fry

rolleiflextlr/rolleiflextlr / Getty Images

You will experience true love when you meet someone wearing the ketchup counterpart. $2.95 on Fun Slurp.

2. Pizza

Lusoimages/Lusoimages / Getty Images

You may be picky about pizza toppings, but this is one balm you can always go for. $2 on Etsy.

3. Dill Pickle

fotyma/fotyma / Getty Images

Minus the slime factor. $2.95 on Archie McPhee.

4. Marshmallow Peeps

You'll be the tastiest chick around, for sure. $1.77 on Amazon.

5. Sierra Nevada

You can relive all your college hookups without the 4am bathroom pilgrimage. $7.98 on Amazon.

6. Bacon

You can deceive your morning cup of coffee into thinking it was part of a real breakfast. $5 on Bacon Freak.

7. Kid's Cereal

Childhood breakfast cereal will be a part of you 4eva~. $2.22 on

8. Wasabi

For those who think wasabi is the most underrated part of a sushi dinner and just want to show it the love it deserves. $2.99 on Perpetual Kid.

9. Butter (Paula Deen-Style)

Sadly, discontinued.

10. Buttered Popcorn

In case you can't decide between eating popcorn or making out during a movie. Because when DON'T you have to make that choice? $3.99 on

11. Corndog

State fairs may be annual, but these lips are available all year long ;). $3.49 on Perpetual Kid.

12. Unicorn Farts

Jensen Farley Pictures

Jensen Farley Pictures

No one has to know it's just cotton candy and mint.

13. Sriracha

Maybe it'll burn like real sriracha and make your lips reach Angelina Jolie-status? $4.99 on

14. SPAM

Can't argue with a classic.

15. Cheez-It

If you can't say no to not finishing the whole box in one sitting, what makes you think you can reject this gloss?

16. Cinnabon

17. Nacho

Specifically, the cheese part. $2.95 on Fun Slurp.

18. Cheetos

Sans sticky residue. Genius!

19. Brownie

It started with eating raw batter and ended with this. $3.99 on

20. Girl Scout Cookies

All you ever need. $9.95 (for the party pack!) on Girl

Don't be afraid.

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