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    25 Important Style Tips Rayanne Graff From "My So-Called Life" Taught You

    "You're so beautiful, it hurts to look at you" was totally inspired by Angela Chase's best friend.

    1. Firstly: you can never accessorize too much.

    2. (Especially if said accessories are candy.)

    3. Layering is what you live for.

    4. You should never be caught dead without a.) chunky earrings and b.) a printed headscarf

    5. Embrace tears -- they're the cheapest accessory you could get.

    6. Absolutely work massive jackets and fingerless gloves, even if it's not that cold out.

    7. Your hair is precious -- braid it, crimp it, knot it -- TRY EVERYTHING.

    8. Tiny braids and tie-dye shirts are your best friends.

    9. There's no better pairing than pastel plastic hairclips and goth lipstick.

    10. (Except perhaps a crimped blonde streak complimented by an array of necklaces.)

    11. Mom jeans and oversized flannel may be a daring look for some, but, for you, they're casual-wear.

    12. Even the tiniest of bralettes can be school-appropriate if you wear a large-enough embroidered jacket.

    13. Why only resort to picking one type of earring when you can proudly showcase two?

    14. And, while you're at it, why not mix patterns to maximize your display of fun prints?

    15. Backward caps are an absolute must.

    16. And bowler hats add a hint of charm to everything.

    17. And, oh my God, sequin berets!

    18. You should be as theatrical as you can at all times -- especially if you're actually on stage.

    19. Opaque tights should be owned in every color imaginable.

    20. Whimsical skirts are definitely an outfit staple, especially if paired with even longer flannel.

    21. Silky kimono-like tops make you look regal without even trying.

    22. Never shy away from having bright streaks of color in your hair.

    23. If you're feeling more somber after upsetting your best friend, straighten your hair and only wear a barrette and a print top.

    24. On Halloween, surprise everyone by looking a little more normal/generically sexy than you usually do.

    25. And always get your artistic friends to paint your converses.