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    27 Important Life Lessons From "As Told By Ginger"

    This show was absolute perfection.

    1. Be aware that you're one of a kind.

    2. Ask only the important questions.

    3. Don't panic until you see the whole picture.

    4. Appreciate your own privacy.

    5. Don't be afraid to make a statement.

    6. Always have good snappy comebacks on hand.

    7. Be in touch with your romantic side.

    8. Learn to laugh things off.

    9. Give yourself at least one compliment a day.

    10. Perfect your "nice" voice.

    11. Be proud to have any job.

    12. Do the right thing, even if it's super awkward.

    13. Have friends you can just do this with:

    14. Always know what you want.

    15. Know your limitations.

    16. Wear whatever you please.

    17. Being single isn't so bad.

    18. Sometimes, you and your friends just won't agree.

    19. Own who you are.

    20. It's okay to not always find the best words for a moment.

    21. Have friends you can really be yourself with.

    22. Puberty will complicate your love life.

    23. Know your science.

    24. Always have your friends' backs.

    25. Find the perfect head-bobbing movement for optimal sass.

    26. Live life on the edge.

    27. And, of course, always embrace with your inner seal girl.