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    For Everyone Who's Thirsty For Stannis From "Game Of Thrones"


    By now, you probably recognize foxy older man Stannis Baratheon, the one true king of the Seven Kingdoms AND perfect salt-and-pepper stubble.

    He's pretty relentless in achieving his goal of sitting at the Iron Throne.


    He had his own brother murdered, but he's also down to kill Roose Bolton, which everyone's on board with, yeah?

    And he has that whole "asserting his dominance while covered in another man's blood" thing going for him.


    Why is this so weirdly hot??

    Deep down though, he's a big ol' softie for his daugther.


    He sticks up for her at all times.

    And, as recently discovered, he not only saved her life, but also assures her that he is proud to have her as his child.


    Seriously, this was one of the sweetest moments in Game of Thrones history and this show does not dole them out so frequently.

    He is also a bit of an adorkable grammar nerd.


    Even in an important meeting, he can't hold it in and has to correct poor sentence construction.



    He isn't all brute force and admires people who challenge him, indicating a sign of intelligence.

    And, despite being so heavily under Melisandre's influence, he still shows a touch of humanity at times.


    But aside from all that, he's also damn good-looking.

    He pulls off armor and fur capes like no one's business.

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    He has an intense, fiery gaze that stops you dead in your tracks.

    And no one sensually broods as well as he does.

    But he's also got a killer, though seldom seen smile.

    He's obviously an A+ lover.

    There's like, no question of that.

    He looks great when he's being formally announced by Davos.

    And he looks great when he's just hanging out.


    As Angela Chase once said: "he leans great."

    And don't tell me you don't secretly want his nod of approval.

    Basically, there's only one important thing to remember: