35 Extraordinarily Chic Street Style Photos From Moscow

Platform shoes and circle sunglasses are HUGE here. All photos from Adlet Fashion.

1. This feather-adorned beret and print gloves/skirt.

Robin hood chic.

2. This floral crown and whimsical skirt.

She’d do any Maine native proud.

3. This print dress and chunky bracelet/shoes.

It’s like staring into the abyss, but in a great way.

4. This backless, fringed denim vest thing.

Don’t question it.

5. This indigo cape/bowler hat/fringed bag combo.

Every part of this outfit is a statement and yet it’s not overbearing at all.

6. This fantastic hat and three-dimensional coat.

Every design student’s dream.

7. This flamenco dancer-embellished dress.

Where did this beautiful garment sprout from?

8. This dramatic turban.

This man is the definition of fierce.

9. These see-through mesh pants.

’90s Britney SO would have worked these.

10. This shaggy top.


11. These platform sandals and funky sunglasses.

Plus a nice coral lip. Perfect.

12. This seafoam green tunic and tassled necklace.

So simple and yet so GENIUS.

13. This lacey, pastel-y wardrobe that still isn’t too feminine.

Not with those Timberlands.

14. This golden branch hairclip.

This woman is a queen.

15. This hat of CHAAAAINS.

Because why not?

16. The rocker look on the left, and the matching burgundy satin ensemble on the right.

Because your friends should always dress differently from you.

17. This transparent bag and turban-blazer marriage.

Nothing oozes more confidence than a bag that reveals all.

18. These sculptural bows.

A great way to make an entrance without being self-conscious.

19. This Kurt Cobain-inspired look.

As weary as Cobain was about being part of the mainstream, he no doubt continues to influence the fashion world.

20. These primary colors.

The only colors you really need.

21. This envelope-shaped bag and super-long flannel.

очень симпатичнo! :)

22. This ruffly hat and tasteful fur.

The wackiness is so artfully maintained in this look.

23. This sailboat hat and penchant for evergreen.

There’s no shame in loving a specific blue-green hue.

24. This shaggy coat mixed with spotless white keds.

So trendy AND comfy.

25. These cathedral leggings and bold outerwear.

Everyone is guaranteed to covet at least one piece of this outfit, if not all.

26. This fur collar and neon sneakers.

Don’t you love it when the bottom-most part of your look is the most surprising of all?

27. This purple crane print robe under an epic fur.

This girl is more comfortable than you are right now.

28. This babushka-style headscarf and this cropped fur jacket.

And a dress layered over jeans! This lady is a hero to us all!

29. These statement sunglasses and high-waisted print skirt.

And all those pom-poms. She’s not smiling, but she’s having fun!

30. This traditional Russian hat.

The classic look.

31. This so “Jenny From The Block” look.

The gold hoops really sell it.

32. This all-black ensemble.

And the laces on those kicks!

33. This patchwork dress.

And that sandal/sock combo. So quirky!

34. These playful hints of neon.

And wearing a necklace UNDER a translucent button-down. Amazing.

35. And this statement dog.

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