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    27 Breathtakingly Badass "Game Of Thrones" Tattoos

    Ink is coming.

    1. Winter is coming.

    2. You've now arrived at King's Landing.

    3. Jon Snow would be 1000% more interesting if he had this tat.

    4. No whitewalker would mess with you.

    5. Mother of Dragons.

    6. The end of GoT will involve Bran and Arya growing up to get these matching tats.

    7. Replicate Arya's toughness with this ink.

    8. You have the Stark seal of approval.

    9. The Greyjoys need love too.

    10. RIP Renly.

    11. Khaleesi's three dragons are the best company to keep.

    12. (Robb Stark's secret chest tattoo, obvi)

    13. Robert Baratheon would be proud.

    14. Heartbreaking and amazing.

    15. Love love LOVE.

    16. Don't shoot the messenger.

    17. Targaryen-level fierce.

    18. Never forget Prince Oberyn.

    19. Let's get you off to battle.

    20. "You know nothing, Jon Snow."

    21. The red viper biting itself :(

    22. If Alphonse Mucha designed Daenerys.

    23. Direwolves are majestic beauties and should only ever be portrayed as such.

    24. (A temporary tattoo, but still!)

    25. King of the North.

    26. "And there is only one thing we say to Death: 'Not today.'"

    27. And, most importantly, The Game of Cones.