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    For Everyone Who Was Weirdly Into Jack Skellington Growing Up

    This is for everyone who had a boner for the ultimate bone daddy.

    1. Let's start with the obvious - Jack Skellington's silky, flawless voice. The voice that sparked a million sexual awakenings. Go ahead. Play the song.

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    2. This is the first time we ever see Jack. Note how epically he emerges from that fountain. That confidence!

    3. He's so hot, even GHOSTS swoon.

    4. But he's actually really bored with being the town stud. He's got emotional depth.

    5. Because he's a quirky guy, who's pretty much allergic to conformity.

    6. Sure, he doesn't technically have eyes, but they are still the windows to his beautiful soul.

    7. Those gorgeous eye sockets.

    8. He's curious about everything around him and doesn't settle for the ordinary.

    9. And he has tons of ambitions.

    10. He's obviously brilliant.

    11. And artistically inclined.

    12. And what is hotter than a man who reads???

    13. He's great at the whole brooding-tortured-soul thing.

    14. Especially because his body language is always so graceful and poetic, even when leaning in frustration.

    15. And you've got to hand it to him - he's got the BEST smile.

    16. Ok, sure, he's a little oblivious when it comes to love interests - it took Sally the whole movie to get him to get his shit together.

    17. Ugh, you beautiful fool!

    18. But once he does realize, he's a PRO at whisking a gal away.

    19. And wooing her with the most romantic words ever sung.

    20. We all wanted to be Sally.

    21. Jack Skellington was damn fine, which is why we rewatched this damn movie 104234245151234 times.