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    23 Times Smith Jerrod From "Sex And The City" Ruined Men For You Forever

    "Absolut Hunk" is right, because he absolutely the only hunk for you.

    1. When he managed to find the unrealistically perfect balance between sugary sweet and stone cold sexy.

    Step 1: Take adorable sentiment. Step 2: Sprinkle with a few profanities. Step 3: Enjoy being a total fox!

    2. And when he still went out with Samantha after she did this when he tried to hold her hand:

    HBO / Via

    3. When he ALWAYS knew when something was up because he's ~sensitive~.

    4. He even gracefully dodged a handful of sushi. AND THEN LAUGHED IT OFF.

    5. And when Samantha hooked up with gross Richard because she was afraid of getting hurt again? He like totally got it. And forgave her.

    6. Uh, when he shaved his hair, which was totally his thing, so Samantha wouldn't feel so alone while going through chemo.

    Let's all stop trying to date now. Honestly, after this, what's the point?

    7. Not that shaving his head made that much of a difference, because he could literally pull off any haircut ever.

    Seriously. Try to pick a favorite. JK, YOU CAN'T.

    8. When it was established that he and Samantha had something called "T.G.I. Fuckday."


    9. And when they always had the best sex out of anyone on the show.

    HBO / Via

    They tried everything and anything.

    10. Yet he was always faithful to Samantha.

    11. When he made something as tacky as wearing matching sequin robes while sipping champagne by a fire look absurdly hot.

    12. And when he left Sam subtle-yet-incredibly-romantic cards.

    13. When his boner wasn't a boner but a boxed, super expensive pendant he won for Samantha at an auction.

    HBO / Via

    It was her second favorite thing to ever come out of there.

    14. And when he was the IDEAL big spoon, which is the gift that keeps on giving.

    15. When this happened.

    HBO / Via

    This needs to be a real advertising campaign.

    16. Or when everyone was blessed with this shining miracle.

    HBO / Via

    "The rain came down. Hard, and soft." = theatre at its finest.

    17. When he made you think of Vikings in an entirely different way.

    18. And when it was simply impossible not to stare at him, even in poster-form.

    19. When he said this:

    Literally so creepy from anyone IRL. But from Smith? MAGIC.

    20. Or this:

    HBO / Via

    Basically, every word out of his mouth was always right.

    21. And when he heard this and reacted calmly, like a true gentleman.

    HBO / Via

    This moment is the #1 reason the movies are total bullshit, by the way.

    22. When he literally stood out from all the other SATC guys like a glorious beacon of light.

    HBO / Via

    Sorry fellas.

    23. And when he finally told Samantha he loved her, and simultaneously made you believe more in love while also realizing that no one will ever compete with Smith Jerrod.

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