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    11 Ways To Up Your Statement Lipstick Game

    Classic red is your gateway lipstick to brighter, better colors.

    1. Radioactive Orange

    Jason Merritt / Getty Images

    It's a great splash of color for spring/summer -- just make sure you have super white teeth, because it does bring out any yellow! And if you find the color washes you out, just add a layer of magenta lipstick to get more a burnt orange (yet still vibrant) look.

    Try: Kat Von D Painted Love Lipstick in A-Go-Go, $19.

    2. Lavender

    Amy Valentine /
    Frederick M. Brown / Getty Images

    This color is feminine with still a bit of edge. Add a touch of pale pink to get the right hue for your skin tone.

    Try: Lime Crime Opaque Lipstick in D'Lilac, $18.

    3. Burgundy

    Jason Merritt / Getty Images

    A staple of Rooney Mara, and for good reason. This shade is universally flattering and gives you an immediate vampy, sexy look.

    Try: Revlon Shine Lipstick in Plum Velour, $7.99.

    4. Orchid-Purple

    Neilson Barnard / Getty Images

    So pretty and fun and girly and romantic. How could you say no?

    Try: Fierce Magenta Lipgloss in Holographic Purple-Blue, $9.69.

    5. Deep Sea Blue

    Samir Hussein / Getty Images

    Cotton candy blue (as seen on Ke$ha) is a little trickier to pull off without worrying about Smurf jokes behind your back, but Rihanna's fierce cyan pout is seriously worth copping.

    Try: Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics Matte Lip Tar in True Cyan Blue, $18.

    6. Blackest Black

    Stella Rose Saint Claire /
    Ian Gavan / Getty Images

    This isn't just for goth kids anymore.

    Try: Portland Black Lipstick Co. Lipstick in Black, $10.

    7. Two-Tone

    Phyllis Li /
    Victor Fraile / Getty Images

    Emanuel Ungaro favored this look back in 2009, and now that ombre is so popular on hair, why not transition to lips?

    Try: Bite Beauty Lip Layers in Bold, $23.98.

    8. Rhinestone

    Claudia P. /
    Julien M. Hekimian / Getty Images

    Whether you first saw it on Latrice Royale from RuPaul's Drag Race or Dior's Spring 2013 show, this look, while by far the most high maintenance on this list, is the touch of drama you need for any performance or fashion show (FIT students, take note!)

    Try: This tutorial.

    9. Sparkles

    Fox Broadcasting Company /

    Tamera Foster rocked this sugar-sweet look on The X Factor and you can, too!

    Try: This tutorial.

    (OR, if you just want the glittery look sans actual glitter, try MAC Dazzleglass Lip Gloss in Like Venus, $20, for a more subtle look.)

    10. Gold

    Scott Gries / Getty Images

    Christian Siriano went for the gold in Fall 2009, but why stop there? Gold/bronze looks good on everyone, and you can regulate your yellow-to-gold ratio if you want more shimmer than pigment.

    Try: KA'OIR Lipstick in Golden Goddess, $15.99.

    11. Temporary Lip Tattoos

    Lauren Bennett / Violent Lips /
    ITV /

    Back in 2011, Jessie J dressed her lips appropriately for her Britain's Got Talent performance and people have been inspired ever since. From polka dots to cheetah spots to other national flags, there are tons of options to make heads turn at the next party you attend.

    Try: Violent Lips Lip Tattoos, $5 ($10 after sale ends.)