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    15 Stories About Nightmare Mothers-In-Law That Will Make You Want To Stay Single

    Love 2 marry into other families!!

    1. "She threw a birthday party for my daughter and didn't invite me."

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    My ex-mother-in-law threw a birthday party for my daughter and didn't invite me. —Kary Cintra

    2. "She decided to DRAG me, without my consent, to a health clinic for a pregnancy test."

    "I don't typically have breakfast, and on a road trip with my family, I got a little sick on the way. As soon as we arrived, I went to lie down. A little later, I felt even worse, so I went to the bathroom and threw up. That's when my ex-mother-in-law decided to come into the bathroom and, unfortunately, she got puked on. In a paranoid fit, she decided to DRAG me, without my consent, to a health clinic for a pregnancy test. That was one of the most invasive situations in my life." —Maria Isadora Almeida

    3. "When we went to his house to duke it out, she was the one who showed up at the door."

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    My ex was dating me and another girl at the same time, and my ex-mother-in-law knew all about it. When we went to his house to duke it out, she was the one who showed up at the door, and even said, 'Ah, wouldn't it be grand if he could have the two of them together'. —Izabella Juliasse

    4. "My mother-in-law let a stranger breastfeed my daughter, even though she knows that I absolutely freak out over shared breastfeeding."

    We were at a party and the neighbor of the person whose birthday it was had also just had a baby. My mother-in-law asked me to let her take my daughter over to meet the other baby. It was right next door, so I trusted her. But it took such a long time for her to come back, so I went over to see what had happened. When I got there, I discovered that the neighbor had breastfed my daughter! Apparently my mother-in-law said the baby had been crying a lot, and she didn't know what else to do. I had literally been right there!

    On little detail: Right after she was born, I had even told my mother-in-law that I was freaked out by the idea of shared breastfeeding, and that I'd never let my daughter breastfeed from another person unless it was a matter of life and death. I am completely positive that she did it on purpose ... Until this day, I can't forgive her and I'll never trust her again. —Anonymous

    5. "I'm under the impression that my mother-in-law tried to get me sick after I'd had a surgery."

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    I'm under the impression that my mother-in-law tried to give me food poisoning after a surgery. Whenever she was the one who prepared my meals, I got really sick, but when it was my husband, I didn't. When I mentioned this to my own mother, I thought I'd get chastised, but she forbade me from eating anything that my mother-in-law prepared. —Anonymous

    6. "She wanted to wear a white dress to my wedding."

    It's very hard for my current mother-in-law to understand that my husband isn't her husband. She's always invading our privacy, but one of the most bizarre overreaches happened when she wanted to wear white at our wedding.

    She even showed up all excited, with the white dress in hand, saying that she'd never worn it and that she'd show it off for the first time at my wedding. I have a really tough time confronting her because the first time that I did that, she cried, screamed and caused a scandal. So, usually, I just let it go and suck it up.

    But this time I had to ask my sister-in-law to have a talk with her, and only after a really long conversation did she agree to go with a different colored dress. —Anonymous

    7. "My ex-mother-in-law almost made my boyfriend give her the dog that he'd given to me as a gift."

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    My now ex-mother-in-law wanted my little dog, which had been a gift from my then-boyfriend. I broke up with him because he was gonna give it to her. —Larissa P.

    8. "She laid out one condom after another on the coffee table and asked, 'Is this the way you want to give me a grandchild?'"

    On the first night that I spent in their home, my ex-mother-in-law got the trash basket from my ex's bathroom and went nosing around to see if there were any condoms. She found some. She put one after another on the coffee table, waited for us to get home from lunch and asked, "Is this the way you want to give me a grandchild? EIGHT CONDOMS MEANS THAT THERE COULD HAVE BEEN 8 CHANCES FOR YOU TO GIVE ME A GRANDCHILD. From this moment on, condoms are forbidden in this house."

    I started taking birth control that very week. And when we had sex, I hid the condom in my bag and threw it out in any trash can on the street. But, for the sake of my mental health, I ended up ending the relationship and ridding myself of the trickery and the nosy mom." —Anonymous

    9. "My ex-mother-in-law told my mom that I had lost my virginity."

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    I hadn't told my mom that I had lost my virginity, but my mother-in-law told her via Facebook message. —Anonymous

    10. "My mother-in-law did the landscaping at my house the way she wanted it. I don't know what happened, but not a single plant sprouted."

    This one time, I made the comment to my mother-in-law that I was doing some landscaping at my house, and that I was really excited about looking after all of the details. I went out a number of times to research plants and flowers, vases, dirt, etc. I was very demanding, I wanted something that really reflected who we were.

    So, yeah. One fine day, she arrives at my house with pots, soil, plants, supports, pebbles, etc., etc., etc... and, she asked my husband to go downstairs and help her out. As soon as she walked into the house, she started to cry and said, 'Oh, I saw you looking for things and thought I could help, but I'm really worried that you're going to think that I'm trying to make your decisions for you.' Well, that's exactly what she did, isn't it?

    She brought along everything that I'd been looking for. Every single thing that I'd mentioned to her, she went there and bought. Results: The landscaping turned out the way SHE wanted, in my house, and I even had to pretend that everything was alright because she arrived there already with the drama and the crying. The worst part was the hanging garden. She looked at me and said, 'I'm gonna make this here into something just for us.' Silly me, I kept my mouth shut.

    But look, I have no idea why, but nothing sprouted in the little garden. The pots all cracked. Nowadays, there's nothing left that of what she brought. I didn't break anything, I didn't curse it, the things just simply fell apart. It was so bizarre. —Anonymous

    11. "My mother-in-law said that if I died, she'd absolutely adore having her son back at home again, and that she'd take really great care of my widower hubby."

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    I travelled a lot for work and, this one time, I commented that we had hit a storm and I was dying of fright that the airplane was going to suffer an accident. My mother-in-law didn't have any doubts and replied without a moment's hesitation. She said that if I died, of course she would miss me, but that she'd simply adore having her son move back into her house. She made a point of mentioning how much she really missed him! And that I needn't worry because she'd take very good care of my widower husband! —Anonymous

    12. "An ex-mother-in-law of mine tried to seduce my father."

    "An ex-mother-in-law of mine tried to seduce my father. He was already divorced at the time, but the thing is that he wasn't interested. He stopped going places where she'd be in order to avoid her, and he was always telling her about the crush he had on someone at that time, trying to see if she'd stop acting like such a dope. —Patricia Carvalho

    13. "When the relationship ended, my ex-mother-in-law said that I could still hook up with my ex's brother."

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    When I broke up with my ex, it hurt me more to have to tell my mother-in-law, because I liked her a lot. But the nutty woman turned to me and said, 'It didn't work out with Robson, but there's still Thiago.' Thiago was her younger son! WTF?! —Fernanda Pereira

    14. "Every time that I get sick, my mother-in-law says that she's getting sick, too!"

    Both times that I got pregnant, when we told her, my mother-in-law began to say that she was, too. And she was always complaining about menopause. Every time I got sick, she began to feel the same symptoms, like getting headaches. A few months ago I was diagnosed with chronic migraines. —Anonymous

    15. "My mother-in-law tried to get my daughter to call her mommy."

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    My mother-in-law tried to teach my daughter to call her mommy. That's on top of screwing up my kid's whole wardrobe. She should have gone shopping with me, but she went ahead and bought everything according to her own taste. —Anonymous

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