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    20 Facts About Cockroaches That Make Those Little Fuckers At Least Worthy Of Your Respect

    They're hardy lil motherfuckers.

    1. Dinosaurs also had to deal with cockroaches.

    Cockroaches were one of the dominant insects in the Mesozoic Era, and probably ate dinosaur poop.

    2. Adult cockroaches can live up for up to A WHOLE YEAR.

    Nickelodeon / Reprodução

    The life cycle from egg to adult takes about 600 days, and the adult life span clocks in at another 400 days.

    3. Female cockroaches produce an "egg capsule" that contains 30-48 eggs at a time.

    And one female lays usually produces four to eight egg capsules in her lifetime.

    4. And one study proved that female roaches are able to reproduce even in the absence of a male.

    Somchaisom / Getty Images / Via ThinkStock

    Honestly, I'm impressed.

    5. It's no wonder they're hard to squish — cockroaches can flatten themselves right down to a height of just 3 millimeters.

    Reprodução / Via

    And they can keep running at near full speed while flattened.

    6. And they can bear up to 900 times the weight of their own bodies.

    Reprodução / Via

    So you have to REALLY beat the shit out of them.

    7. Plus, they can live for weeks without a head.

    This is because cockroaches don't use their brains to regulate their breathing, and they don't have to eat very often.

    8. Speaking of which, cockroaches can go a month without food.


    9. And when they do eat, they'll settle for almost any organic matter — even other cockroaches!

    NBC / Via

    *Alanis voice* Isn't it ironic?

    10. And that's actually the main reason why they transmit diseases.


    Bacteria from all that garbage they eat sticks around long after the roach has fed.

    11. Yes, cockroaches can bite people.

    Reprodução / Via Twitter: @luisapanegalli

    If you're bitten, the area should be washed with soap and water as quickly as possible, and you should seek medical attention at the first sign of an infection.

    12. Cockroaches can communicate with each other and let their pals know if there's food around or not.

    Mattel / Via Twitter: @_gatg

    They do this through what scientists call a "foraging hormone."

    13. Certain cockroach species can hold their breath underwater for 5-7 minutes.

    Fox / Via

    In case you've ever wondered how they seem to "come back" after you've flushed them down the toilet.

    14. And technically, they can fly — for short distances.


    They can also glide for a bit if they start somewhere high.

    15. And they have... personalities?

    Mansum008 / Getty Images / Via ThinkStock

    A study showed that each individual roach decides whether they prefer light or dark. P. emo if you ask us.

    16. And yes, cockroaches could survive a nuclear explosion — to a certain point.

    They're likely able to withstand extreme radiation because of their simple bodies and slower cell cycles.

    17. People with a chocolate allergy might actually be allergic to the cockroaches bits that get into the chocolate.

    Twitter: @maconhudo

    The average chocolate bar contains eight insect parts, according to ABC News.

    18. It's unlikely you'd be able to train a cockroach.


    Or at least, no one's done it outside of Orange Is The New Black yet.

    19. However, you COULD control a cockroach though — with a computer chip.

    Check out this experiment, which uses neurotechnologies to connect a mobile device to a cockroach's nervous system, here.

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