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    20 Facts About Cockroaches That Make Those Little Fuckers At Least Worthy Of Your Respect

    They're hardy lil motherfuckers.

    1. Dinosaurs also had to deal with cockroaches.

    2. Adult cockroaches can live up for up to A WHOLE YEAR.

    3. Female cockroaches produce an "egg capsule" that contains 30-48 eggs at a time.

    4. And one study proved that female roaches are able to reproduce even in the absence of a male.

    5. It's no wonder they're hard to squish — cockroaches can flatten themselves right down to a height of just 3 millimeters.

    6. And they can bear up to 900 times the weight of their own bodies.

    7. Plus, they can live for weeks without a head.

    8. Speaking of which, cockroaches can go a month without food.

    9. And when they do eat, they'll settle for almost any organic matter — even other cockroaches!

    10. And that's actually the main reason why they transmit diseases.

    11. Yes, cockroaches can bite people.

    12. Cockroaches can communicate with each other and let their pals know if there's food around or not.

    13. Certain cockroach species can hold their breath underwater for 5-7 minutes.

    14. And technically, they can fly — for short distances.

    15. And they have... personalities?

    16. And yes, cockroaches could survive a nuclear explosion — to a certain point.

    17. People with a chocolate allergy might actually be allergic to the cockroaches bits that get into the chocolate.

    18. It's unlikely you'd be able to train a cockroach.

    19. However, you COULD control a cockroach though — with a computer chip.

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    This post was translated from Portuguese.