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How To Be A NYC Fashionista

8 tips to be #instafab like your fave bloggers

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5. It helps if your S.O. is a photographer


Or if they're at least camera savvy. Then all you have to do is bring them everywhere you go in case you run into a colorful building, wall, or cute café with fancy latte art.

7. Invest in a Uniqlo winter shell


You're going to want to wear a ton of cute coats in the winter, but it's so damn cold in New York! Wear an ultra lightweight down coat underneath your cute pea coat or bomber jacket to be warm, but also super warm.

8. Have fun!


The fashion world is dog-eat-dog, and you're going to find that everyone wants to be a part of it. But remember, even if it's on trend, just rock your confidence in whatever makes you feel good. There's nothing like pulling off an early 2000s outfit and making it look like the best damn thing that's happened in 2017! Go forth with confidence you #fashionistas.

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