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    31 Things From Wayfair You'll Love If Your Current Aesthetic Is "Spooky"

    Make your home match your creepiest cravings. 🦇🖤🕷⚰️

    We hope you love the products we recommend! All of them were independently selected by our editors. Just so you know, BuzzFeed collects a share of sales and/or other compensation from the links on this page. Oh, and FYI — prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

    1. A nonslip doormat so everyone knows that you are festive as you welcome them to your crypt. It will last through all types of weather, so you can be spooky all year round if you choose.

    The rectangular mat says "Welcome" in old black font with white borders and a black and white skeleton below

    2. An inflatable light-up Frankenstein's monster that lights up and can be placed inside or outside. It's also easy to inflate, deflate and store. Plus, it'll make your home stand out this Halloween!

    3. A prime cut meat market hand for a gruesome addition to your creepy collection. The "100% all natural hand" is packaged inside a plastic-wrapped Styrofoam plate, just like a nice ribeye steak. Time to serve up some scares at your Halloween BBQ!

    The fair hand is covered and blood splatters and is cut off at the wrist  and is in a package titled 'The Chop Shop"

    4. A ghost windsock that'll float on the breeze and haunt all who look upon him. The ghost's smile and amicable appearance are appropriate for even young celebrators. Everyone will enjoy him!

    The white windsock ghost floats in the wind while grinning

    5. A witch pumpkin garden flag so that all the ghosts and ghouls know they are welcome in your garden. The material is UV-, fade- and mildew-resistant so it'll last you for many Halloweens to come.

    The orange flag with black borders says "HAPPY HALLOWEEN" and has a jack-o-lantern wearing a witch hat and with spiders

    6. A "Malicay the Malicious" gargoyle for a gothic addition to your outdoor area. Made out of quality designer resin and created by artist Liam Manchester, this statue will quickly become a crowd favorite. You'll want to show off this hand-painted piece to anyone who comes over.

    The grey gargoyle sits atop of a spherical mound with large wings and a muscular build

    7. A "gnombie" statue to add a creepy-yet-whimsical flair to your garden decor. The mix between gnome and zombie is a fun and unique way to get in the holiday spirit.

    The gnombie is reaching upward with their hands outstretched and mouth opened wide and blood and peeling skin

    8. A hanging fruit bat for a sinister (and kinda cute) little decor piece to hang inside or outside. The hand-painted resin detailing makes it look realistic and high quality. Grab one or a few and line your banister, mantel, fence or trees.

    The brown and tan bat is hanging from a fence with its wings wrapped around itself and it's face peeking out

    9. A poison ivy witch wall hanging with an evil grin that will spook and intrigue those who pass by. Eek!

    The witch face has a hate, long thin fingers and leaves coming out from all around

    10. A purple, green and white light-up ghost that will create a supernatural vibe when you pop it in your windows, bedroom or living room. BOO!

    The ghost character shaped  has green eyes, a purple mouth and white body

    11. A pair of illuminated willow trees full of spectral hanging orange lights. This statement piece will create an undeniable ambience in your home. Who doesn't love some good mood lighting?

    a pair of black light up willow trees with orange lights

    12. A "Witch's Brew" shower curtain to transform your bathroom into a spooky witch's lair. The tan and brown curtain has an old-timey feel that adds to the mystique.

    The tan and brown curtain says "Witch's Brew" has a large cauldron and spindly branches surrounding it

    13. A Halloween fleece throw for an extra soft piece of comfort and relaxation while you snuggle up and watch It. Bonus: The blanket is machine washable and has fade-resistant colors.

    The orange, brown, black and yellow blanket has prints of a moon, haunted house and a flying witch

    14. A subtly festive table runner that is perfect for freaky festivities with friends. The elegant yet fun design is perfect for themed parties or get-togethers, and you'll love how it'll make your table-scapes look.

    The table runner is all white with an orange border and one large black spider and many mini black stars

    15. A set of two skull-shaped beer mugs that are classy yet eerie and will look wonderful paired with any of your cauldron's creations — whether it be mulled wine, spiced apple cider or some witch's brew (aka pumpkin spice latte).

    the two skull mugs, one empty and one with beer in it

    16. A spooky outdoor pillow so even your patio furniture fits with the scary theme. The insert is included *and* the pillow is reversible. You know we love anything reversible.

    The gold pillow has a ghost, pumpkin, bats and dark swirls

    17. A harvest moon print by Billy Jacobs for those who are looking for a subtler take on spooky season. This beautiful piece of art will be a charming addition to your collection and can keep a little Halloween spirit in your home year-round.

    The harvest moon painting has a barn, trees with bare branches, a wagon full of pumpkins, bats and various other spooky elements

    18. A black and white Halloween duvet cover set because some people want to eat, breathe *and* sleep Halloween! The set comes with a duvet cover and two pillow shams. Plus, it's made out of 100% environmentally friendly fabric.

    The white duvet and sham fabric has a large black tree that various Halloween elements like coffins, cauldrons, candles, masks and many other fun elements

    19. A T. rex skeleton toilet paper holder for all you dinosaur and skeleton fanatics. Whether this is placed in a little kid or adult bathroom, guests will enjoy how fun it is. So cool!

    The toilet paper holder is the chest and arms of a dino and its large face and mouth

    20. A set of spooky black skull and cross-bone curtains that'll add a pop of gothic chic to your living room or bedroom. The dark patterned curtains will look extra creepy blocking out light and enshrouding your home in darkness. We hope you're not scared of the dark. 🖤

    The checkered skull curtains are connected with skeleton bones

    21. A spooky cocktails kitchen mat to give you some comfort and support while doing the dishes, making a meal, or shaking up some spooky cocktails at your home bar. The skid-resistant mat will also make sure that it won't slip around.

    The mat says "Spooky Cocktails" has four creepy cocktail drinks and four small bottles next to them

    22. A Halloween sign that's a cute and funny way to get into the spirit. This print can stand up on its own or be placed on the wall. 🍂

    The white sign says  "HALLOWEEN, GET YOUR SPOOKY BUTT OVER HERE" and has a black easel back

    23. A skull and rose duvet cover set to take a break from the whole orange and black look and give off a more Día de los Muertos vibe. Stunning!

    The white pillow shams and duvet covers have large skulls and red roses

    24. A set of four spooky tattered fabrics so you can transform your home into the haunted house it was destined to be.

    The white torn cloth is draped across a window

    25. A skeleton mini-cake pan to make delicious, on-theme treats. Use them to make cookies, brownies, ice cubes or even mini meatloaves, if sweets aren't your thing. People of all ages will enjoy baking with these!

    The dark pan has four indents of skeletons

    26. A festive print for an adorable addition to your wall's Halloween decor. The spiderweb detailing adds the perfect finishing touch.

    27. A spooky acrylic wreath that'll make your house the spot to BE this Hallow's Eve. Hang this handcrafted piece on a door, window, or mantel and watch it tie all of your Halloween decor together.

    The mesh green purple and orange wreath has sparkles, ghosts, stripes, polka dots and a sign that says "SPOOKY"

    28. A big hairy spider with LED eyes because, c'mon — it's freakin' scary. Whether you're scared of spiders or not, this creepy decoration and its pulsing red eyes will send shivers down your spine (or will fill you with joy, either way it's a win-win).

    The large black fuzzy spider has bright red eyes and is latched on top of a large black web

    29. A fog machine that will take your haunted house-themed Halloween party to the next level. Pair the creeping vapors with some red lights and eerie music to watch trick-or-treaters and guests get totally spooked.

    the fog machine spewing fog

    30. A skeleton toilet brush and holder to make sure every inch of your home is Halloween-ified. This one's perfect for someone who likes a macabre look all the time.

    The large tan skull head has a femur shaped toilet brush with a small skull on top

    31. An inflatable warlock that's super tall and menacing. The imposing 8-foot light-up figure has red eyes and swirling LEDS inside. Pretty sick.

    The tall dark blue warlock has a cloak, long thin hands and red eyes with a white skull face

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