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    26 Things From Target You’ll Love If You Take Back To School Fashion Very Seriously

    Campus isn't ready for you. 📚🤤

    Unless otherwise specified, all sizes in this post are listed in women's.

    1. A triangle cup sweater tiny tank top that'll pair so well with a skirt or high-waisted mom jeans for your first day of class. You'll be the star on campus with this trendy print and fun top.

    model wearing the top in pink

    2. A short-sleeve oversized T-shirt to pair with your favorite leisure wear. Perfect for your early morning lectures or meeting for coffee with friends between extracurriculars. Adorbs!

    The model wears the pink oversized T-shirt

    3. A woven wrap mini skirt because it's just super freaking adorable. Wear this as your go-to Friday 'fit or while catching up with friends downtown. It's always a plus to not wear long pants while it's still hot out.

    model wearing the skirt in black and floral print

    4. A heart and star moon beaded necklace for some Y2K nostalgia while you study. The adorable star and flower beads add some extra flair in a simple but cute way. 🤩

    5. A pair of Levi's casual athletic-inspired sneakers that'll save your feet as you rush to your next class — because of course it's across campus. These stylish and sensible shoes will go with practically any outfit.

    A pair of white sneakers that say Levi's on the tongue, laces and a small red tag on the side

    6. A sleeveless woven fit and flare dress so you can look smokin' at all times. The challis fabric is breathable and the halter neck-tie is comfortable and convenient so you won't have to worry about getting overheated while wearing a backpack or carting around your fav tote.

    model wearing the black floral dress

    7. A pair of high-rise midi jean shorts because they are the moment. These will lift your mood on even the most dreadful of days. Pair with your fave crop tops and tanks during those late summer days when classes have already started (rude).

    model wearing the berry colored shorts

    8. A square backpack you can show off all around town. This baby sports an interior compartment, main compartment, and front zip pocket, not to mention the super cute print options. You'll end up toting this bag to more than just class.

    The backpack has a denim patchwork pattern

    9. A short-sleeve cropped T-shirt to cycle through with your favorite bottoms. You can style this top with so many pieces so it looks like you're wearing a new outfit every time even if you end up wearing it three days in a row.

    model wearing the top in black

    10. A square-neck spaghetti strap bodysuit for an easy "I didn't really put in effort but I'm stunning" look. This should very much be on your list of college essentials, right next to a new planner and better pens.

    model wearing the bodysuit in white

    11. A pair of super-high rise distressed baggy jeans that'll quickly become a wardrobe staple and your very favorite pair of pants. There's just something about cute jeans and a small top that will never go out of style. 👖

    model wearing the dark wash jeans with rips in the knees

    12. A double heart metal buckle belt because we all know the little details MATTER. Walking around campus with a heart belt? Power. Move.

    The black belt has a dual silver heart buckle

    13. A cropped hoodie to wear around your dorm when you just wanna chill. This super soft hoodie is dreamy, to say the least. Time to cozy up!

    model wearing the hoodie in gray

    14. A woven bodycon dress combining the print of fall with the style of spring. This is perfect for those early parties (or even a class!) where it's still too hot for full-on plaid but you want to embrace the back-to-school aesthetic.

    model wearing the dress in red plaid

    15. A mesh side ruched mini skirt so you can always feel like you're on summer vacation — even when you've been listening to a lecture for what feels like decades.

    model wearing the black skirt with blue leaf pattern

    16. A pair of high-rise bike shorts because once you put these on you really won't want to take them off. They're so freaking comfy and versatile you'll have to remind yourself you can't wear them to literally every single class.

    model wearing the black biker shorts

    17. A set of 10 acrylic golden rings to add an extra pop of shine to your hands. These rings are stackable and fashionable so you can mix and match with tons of adorable combinations.

    the golden rings

    18. A pair of footbed sandals perfect for the warmer days in the beginning of the year. They're comfy enough to walk long distances and won't cause overly sweaty feet. Added bonus: They're made out of eco-friendly materials!

    The taupe sandals have two large suede-like straps with bronze buckles

    19. A pair of crystal oval sunglasses for your HGW to class. The UV protection filter offers protection from sun rays so you'll be looking good and protecting your precious vision at the same time. 😎

    The sunglasses have clear brown frames

    20. A short-sleeve button-down shirt because it's a scientific fact that everyone looks good in these. This super fun print sets this apart from other classic options — the tropical trees on the white background are the cherry on top.

    model wearing the white shirt with palm tree print

    21. A pair of pumps to pair with all your going out dresses. The memory foam base will help you last all night long while you dance the night away!

    The yellow pumps have a thick heel and two rounded straps

    22. A space-dye longline bra so you can go from lecture to spin class super easily. This top can even double as a bathing suit top if your school is close to the water!

    23. A running hat for days that you're hair just is not working. Sun protection? ✅ Sleek design? ✅ Style icon? ✅

    The black hat is on top of the white mannequin head

    24. A water-resistant lifestyle backpack because getting caught on campus while it's raining can quite literally be a nightmare. The recycled plastic and polyester materials make this a cute and sustainable choice. The laptop pocket will keep your computer — and all your schoolwork — safe, no matter what the conditions.

    The backpack is a light brown and gold color

    25. A pair of printed floral earrings simply so freaking gorg. They're nickel free and comfortable enough for daily wear — so you can sport them to both special events and just to class.

    The dangle earrings have two orange floral tiles

    26. A short-sleeve diagonal cutout baby T-shirt for an eccentric (and unique!) addition to your wardrobe. The fun colors and cool design make this a piece that's sure to POP. (But, don't worry, nothing is going to pop out of those slits.)

    model wearing the neon green top with blue cutouts

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