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    25 Dresses For Warm Weather Weddings That Will Keep You From Literally Sweating Your Face Off

    Hot take: You might be the real star of the show in these dresses. 🥵

    1. A '90s-tastic mesh floral midi dress with an asymmetrical hem and ruched bust, so you can feel nostalgic and basically like a magical fairy princess, while still keeping cool. 🧚

    2. A satin floral jacquard strapless midi dress because WHAT?! Look at that design!! You'll sparkle in the sunshine and look like you just walked off a runway. Plus, you won't have to constantly be fanning yourself the whole day (this is perfect for looooooong weddings).

    model wearing the blue silk floral dress

    3. A rib midi dress that's perfect for beach weddings, or any wedding where you want to feel free to move. You can dress this cutie up with some adorable heels and jewelry, and the soft fabric will keep you smiling and sweat-free.

    model wearing the cream colored tank dress

    4. An embroidered For Love & Lemons puff-sleeve mini dress to show off those LEGS. This mini piece will make sure you're not overheating while waiting for the ceremony to progress. Plus, the fun and flirty design will definitely catch some eyes.

    The model wears the teal flower and butterfly adorned mini dress with black chunky boots

    5. A one-shoulder cutout body-con midi dress so you can show off plenty of skin while still feeling secure (unlike the way you might feel with a classic totally strapless party dress). The ruched skirt will hug your curves in all the right places, while the one-shoulder design will make sure you don't feel too tight and confined.

    The model wears the black ruched dress with leopard heels

    6. A flowing, off the shoulder linen dress for a goddess-like look. The smocked bust and "nap dress" details make this dress on trend, but the flowy fabric and beautiful color options make this a classy piece that even your mom would probably like.

    model wearing the lavender flowing dress with bell sleeves

    7. A handmade cotton African print maxi dress that offers more coverage than your average warm-weather dress but won't make you overheat, due to its flowy construction, sultry slit and puff sleeves.

    model wearing the patterned blue maxi dress

    8. A chic satin maxi slip dress with a draped neckline, so you can feel like you're a French tastemaker walking the streets of Paris (instead of your regular self, waiting in the buffet line). You'll look like you're moving smoothly through water with each step, and you won't feel like you're drowning in the heat.

    model wearing the silky off the shoulder dress

    9. A smocked gauze midi dress because *look* at how stunning these stripes of colors are. You'll feel flowy, free and fantastic. Goodbye, cocktail reception sweat stains. Plus, it converts to a boho ankle-length skirt!

    10. A '70s-inspired V-neck batwing satin mini dress with a tie back that we're obsessed with. This color palette? C'monnn. The fun, flowy silhouette keeps you covered, cool and cute. Plus, the bias-cut skirt is fun to twirl in. Sold!

    11. A multicolor metallic maxi dress because the hypnotizing, shimmering colors will make you the star of the reception dance floor. The thin straps, flowy skirt and open top will keep those hot flashes at bay.

    12. A lovely tiered maxi dress with a ruffled neckline that'll be fresh and cute, just the like the delicious summer fruit printed on it. This breezy dress will keep you refreshed. 🍓

    model wearing the white maxi dress with red cherry pattern

    13. A retro, Old Hollywood-inspired halter midi swing dress because you're timeless, baby. This stunning red color will entrance everyone as soon as you walk by, while the fun swing-y design will keep you relaxed and cool.

    The model wears the red swing dress with black strappy heels

    14. A floral print sleeveless maxi dress to not only take you through all your remaining weddings, but add to your fall dress rotation, too. The empire waist and cutouts make this dainty dress a fan favorite.

    model wearing the bright red and pink floral dress

    15. A cutout mini dress made from shiny baby blue material, because the short length and open cutouts will keep the air flowing.

    model wearing the silky blue dress with cutouts at the sides

    16. A mauve purple midi dress with a lined bodice, for a contemporary spin on a classic wrap dress style. The soft and lightweight fabric will make you feel like a modern fashion icon (and a modern fashion icon who isn't overheating, at that).

    17. A light, fun off-the-shoulder mini dress with sheer bell sleeves and watercolor-like florals that will keep your arms covered without making you want to rip the sleeves off because of the heat.

    The black flowy dress has pastel florals all across

    18. A strapless mini with SUCH an innovative silhouette, you'll need a red carpet as you enter this wedding. This dress is perfect for fancier ceremonies and receptions, and the exposed shoulders and mini length mean that you can dance the night away while feeling stylish, not yucky and sweaty.

    model wearing the green floral dress

    19. A high-neck mini dress for a simple yet sensational look. This classic little black dress is honestly a staple everyone should have in their closet, whether or not you have a wedding on the horizon. Its sleeveless design and short length will keep you from overheating — and its clean and snatched look will keep your temperature regulated, if you know what we mean.

    model wearing the black mini dress

    20. A high-neck pleated midi dress with puff sleeves that'll make you feel regal the second you put it on. The pleated skirt and lettuce-edge hem are just a few of the elements that make this dress truly special, and the light fabric is light enough that you won't feel bogged down.

    21. A strappy open back linen dress because this design is a KNOCKOUT, with back strap details made to show off. You'll want to start spinning around the dance floor and never stop. LOVELY.

    22. A short, lacy mini dress with showstopping see-through sleeves — that won't leave you with pit stains.

    23. A tea-length shirt dress with a swingy skirt that's the definition of sleek. You'll love how sexy you feel, without any of the annoying effects of heavy or tight fabric.

    24. A halter maxi dress in a festive print, for more casual outdoor weddings. And unlike most wedding guest dresses, you can actually wear this again, and work it into your regular daily wardrobe. 🤲

    25. A ruched mini smock dress that'll feel just as good on as it looks. The short, ruffled skirt and sheer long sleeves will keep you stylish, comfortable, and blessedly sweat-free.

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