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    30 Things From Walmart You’ll Love If You Want Your Whole Home To Scream “Fall”

    'Tis the season to fall in love with your home again.

    1. A limited edition pumpkin waffles candle because nothing screams fall quite like the mouthwatering scents of apple, pumpkin, and almond layered with caramel, maple, praline, and vanilla (uh, yum). If you want to eat this, I won't judge you, but I'll highly recommend you don't.

    The candle

    2. Or a ceramic light-up Jack-o-Lantern if you'd rather skip the smoke but are still craving that warm, soft, candle-like and slightly spooky glow to read your growing autumn TBR pile (and fave horror novels) by the light of.

    The ceramic light-up Jack-o-Lantern

    3. A cozy plaid throw pillow so luxuriously soft, you'll want to nap on it every time you see it perched on your fave sofa or chair. Warning: your pets probably will, as well.

    The throw pillow on a gray chair

    4. A striking textured curtain panel featuring mid-century modern charm and a lace leaves pattern so beautiful you'll want to leave it up year-round. Yeah, you'll fall in love with it. 🍂

    The curtain panel with different colored leaves

    5. A set of decorative farmhouse plates reminiscent of bygone days back when grocery packages just looked prettier. The antique look is super charming.

    The plates

    6. A rustic wood lantern holder to help make make the slowly darkening days feel all the brighter, especially as we transition to the shortest days of the year.

    The candle holders in three sizes

    7. A plush shag area rug that acts as an instant (and supremely comfortable) makeover for any hardwood floor. Your colder fall feet definitely deserve it.

    The white square area rug

    8. A plush dog throw blanket you'll want to share with your furriest friends all season long, especially as it gets colder out. Not only does it add a fun splash of color to your house, but it's machine washable if Fido gets too much fur on it.

    The dog blanket

    9. An easy-to-assemble, very autumnal solid acacia bed platform providing the strongest support for your mattress so you get the beauty sleep you deserve (and wake up without any back pains). No box spring needed, baby.

    The bed platform

    10. An acorn tic-tac-toe table game that serves as more than autumnal eye candy: it's also a great, fun little icebreaker for when you've got family over during the holidays, especially those distant cousins you're not sure what to talk to about.

    The tic-tac-toe table game

    11. A cheerful pumpkin tablecloth the whole family will be proud to show off all their festive, seasonal dishes on top of. Bon appetit.

    The tablecloth

    12. A set of gorgeous gold maple leaf napkin holders to add that eye-catching little touch to your table everyone will be complimenting you over.

    The maple leaf napkin holder

    13. A sunrise alarm clock highly recommended for anyone struggling with seasonal depression, as it gradually simulates natural sunlight and helps you wake up feeling refreshed even if it's still dark out early in the morning.

    the alarm clock on a bedside table

    14. A Himalayan salt candle holder that emits a super ~soothing~ amber light and makes for the perfect night light as your fave tea candles burn oh-so-nicely inside of it.

    The candle holder

    15. A friendly, adorable little tabletop gnome if you need a buddy to help you study, WFH, or watch over you while you cook, clean, and get the house ready for fall meals and festivities.

    16. A fall colors doormat to help keep your floors in tip-top condition, especially when you have guests over but don't want dirt and mud tracked all over your pretty carpeting and floors.

    The doormat

    17. A set of Nightmare Before Christmas pumpkin lanterns perfect for fans of the classic film and everything spooky season. Make your porch feel like the set of the movie. 🎃

    The pumpkin lanterns, in the face of jack skellington, oogie boogie, and sally

    18. A sparkling pumpkin porch light cover so you have an easy, fun way to direct guests and trick-or-treaters to your abode ("yeah, it's the one with the sparkly jack-o-lantern, can't miss it"). Get ready, Halloween is ALMOST HERE.

    The porch light

    19. A gray gauze and bats decoration kit my mom would've ~totally~ used back in the '90s when she meticulously decorated our living room without fail year after year. Kids of all ages are sure to love it no matter where you hang it from.

    The decoration kit over a fireplace

    20. A classic harvest sunflower wreath to hang over your door and make yourself (and all your neighbors) smile every time you see it. Alternatively, place it over the fireplace for *maximum* coziness.

    The wreath with colorful flowers on it

    21. A pumpkin wall plaque that gets straight to the point. It's fall, y'all, so let's put on a sweater, light up the fire pit, and enjoy the cooler weather, changing colors, and favored holidays on the horizon.

    The framed art

    22. A set of three black plastic cauldrons easy as pie for trick-or-treaters to enjoy candy from OR if you need extra space to show off your favorite Halloween odds, ends, and baubles.

    The three cauldrons

    23. Or a whimsical set of peel-and-stick wall decals for an equally awesome temporary addition to your space which won't damage your walls (a total re-leaf, if ask me).

    The wall decals on a wall

    24. A set of string lights to add some much-needed mood and ambience to your bedroom (or patio) even on the grayest of autumn days and nights.

    The string lights

    25. A pack of gingham plaid pillow covers if you want to transform your bedroom in an instant. When fall is over, simply pack 'em away without the need to store extra bulky pillows.

    The pillow covers

    26. A decorative woven bowl with handles to store your knitting needles and fabric, seasonal gloves and scarves or even a fine faux fall floral arrangement. The possibilities are endless here, people.

    The decorative woven bowl with string in it on a bookshelf

    27. A classic, retro-style milk jug excellent for holding various kitchen utensils or a fresh-cut bouquet of sweet-smelling fall flowers. Très chic.

    The milk jug on a table with flowers in it

    28. An LED color-changing Halloween fog machine you'll be wanting to crank up and use up until and well after the scariest holiday of the year, it's so freakin' fun.

    The fog machine in action

    29. A fabric plaid pumpkin stack which can be used as part of an extravagant centerpiece (add garland, leaves, and pumpkins to make it extra cute) or as a sweet accent all on its own. Either way, it'll make everyone instantly "fall" in love.

    The fabric pumpkin stack

    30. And a pine coaster set because yes, you WILL make and serve your guests hot apple cider, so long as they use these coasters and don't get water marks on your beautiful wood tables.

    The pine coaster set

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