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    31 Things From Target That’ll Make Small Spaces Feel Less Cramped

    If you're looking to spruce up and open up your space, we have you covered.

    We hope you love the products we recommend! All of them were independently selected by our editors. Just so you know, BuzzFeed collects a share of sales and/or other compensation from the links on this page. Oh, and FYI — prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

    1. A natural wood floor mirror because if you've ever wondered whether or not a nice mirror helps a room look bigger, the answer is DEFINITELY. Bonus: this beauty blends with any living area décor.

    The natural wood floor mirror

    2. A cute cube organizer shelf so you can easily show off your most prized tchotchkes, potted plants, and that soccer trophy you got in sixth grade that you're honestly still pretty proud of.

    The weathered gray cube organizer shelf

    3. An eye-catching gold wall tapestry that adds depth and dimension a room — plus a little boho chic flair, if that tickles your fancy.

    The gold wall tapestry

    4. A comfy upholstered wood armchair so you can set up the perfect little reading nook to curl up in and get to work on that extensive TBR pile you've been accumulating all year.

    The natural wood armchair

    5. A tufted round storage ottoman because when it comes to opening up a space, ironically, smaller furniture is often better — especially if it's multi-functional like this baby.

    The heathered blue tufted round storage ottoman

    6. A patterned tufted floor rug to brighten and lengthen an otherwise boring bare hardwood.

    The blush pink tufted floor rug

    7. A mini-tower air purifier with a maximum dust removal filter, so you can breathe comfortably and relax knowing that dust, allergens, and pet dander won't be building up all around you in your smaller space.

    The white mini-tower air purifier

    8. A three-speed dual-Bluetooth Victrola hybrid turntable because nothing makes a room feel bigger than incredible acoustics and a vintage-style visual centerpiece.

    The three-speed dual-Bluetooth Victrola hybrid turntable

    9. A strand of extended LED fairy lights for stringing around a bed canopy or the length of your walls, instantly adding a zen feel all over with its soft, warm glow.

    The brass extended LED fairy lights

    10. A floating wood pine wall shelf perfect for making good use of empty wall space and otherwise drab, dull corners of a room.

    The floating wood pine wall shelf

    11. A potted artificial succulent plant for when you don't feel like caring for a whole new living plant pal but still want to add more greenery to your scenery.

    The artificial succulent plants in a pot

    12. An extremely pretty vanity accent stool to help you level up your eyeshadow game in ultimate small space luxury.

    The pink vanity accent stool

    13. A chenille square floor pillow cushion for when your bed just isn't cutting it anymore as the ultimate hang-out-and-binge-watch-Netflix spot.

    The chenille square floor pillow cushions

    14. A dreamy faux leather upholstered platform bed to really elevate your sleep space while giving your bedroom a luxe hotel vibe.

    The gray faux leather upholstered platform bed

    15. A square over-the-table toilet etagere shelf so you can make good use of your small bathroom's wall space while adding a modern contemporary aesthetic.

    The bronze over-the-table toilet etagere shelf

    16. A bamboo expanding spice rack that effortlessly organizes all your cooking essentials, giving you the maximum amount of much-needed counter space.

    The bamboo expanding spice rack

    17. A linen blend grommet top window curtain panel with a pretty design to lighten up any space with a fun, open, woodsy feel.

    The black pearl linen blend grommet top window curtain panel

    18. A classy brass jewelry storage stand so all of your favorite pieces can sit pretty on full display, not on the floor or tangled together on top of a dresser...though hey, no judgment.

    The brass jewelry storage stand

    19. A remote-controlled multi-bulb ceiling fan that stays quiet while keeping your home cool and properly lit.

    The white remote-controlled multi-bulb ceiling fan

    20. A rustic oak three-tier shoe rack to give your rain boots a good spot to dry off and your fave flats a beautiful place to perch. Your entryway will be all the better for it.

    The rustic oak three-tier shoe rack

    21. A thin brass pocket watch wall clock that not only adds tons of visual interest, it'll make your home feel a little more like a chic European cafe.

    The thin brass pocket watch wall clock

    22. A versatile granite top kitchen island with wheels and plenty of room to store wine bottles, utensils, a coffeemaker, or whatever else you desperately could use some extra space for.

    The granite top kitchen island with wheels

    23. A stackable measuring cup and spoons set that's especially spiffy if you suffer from limited cabinet space.

    The measuring cup and spoons set

    24. An expandable cookware rack sure to be a godsend in any tiny kitchen, especially since you can easily adjust it to fit anywhere.

    The expandable cookware rack

    25. A stylish black mesh magazine organizer made from solid steel, so you know it'll last you forever. Get rid of clutter by slotting in loose papers, folders, and pretty much anything extraneous on your desktop.

    The  black mesh magazine organizer

    26. A charming decorative wood ladder ideal for a bathroom in need of a place to toss extra towels and washcloths. Four hooks are even included for even more hanging options.

    The decorative wood ladder

    27. A lovely large-sized double decorative nickel command hook offering you bonus hat, coat, key, and scarf-hanging space. It looks great even when left bare, too.

    The large-sized double decorative brushed nickel command hook

    28. A drawer organizer so you can stop wasting time rooting around trying to find your favorite pair of socks right before you head out the door for your early morning jog.

    The drawer organizer

    29. An elegant wood and gold finish bar cart to give all your fave adult beverages and most beloved glassware a proper place to live.

    The wood and gold finish bar cart

    30. An artsy branch mug holder so your fave novelty vacation mugs are always at arm's reach when you're craving a cup of tea.

    The diversified euro mug holder

    31. A cool color-changing essential oil diffuser to turn any room into a meditative at-home spa. The automatic shutoff feature ensures you won't waste energy.

    The color-changing essential oil diffuser

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