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    31 Things From Target For Anyone Who Just Loves Spending Time In Their Bedroom

    If you're more of a bedroom homebody than club socialite, these awesome items will certainly catch your eye.

    We hope you love the products we recommend! All of them were independently selected by our editors. Just so you know, BuzzFeed collects a share of sales and/or other compensation from the links on this page. Oh, and FYI — prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

    1. A super-cool Bluetooth-connected Victrola record player because, as audiophiles know, there really is no comparison to listening to music on vinyl. Its retro style will take you back in time to the '80s — but its Bluetooth connectivity will remind you that you are living very much in the now. Plus, the player comes plain, with 50 '80s-tastic stickers, so you can customize it however you like.

    2. A simple yet sophisticated stick lamp with built-in USB charger so you can keep your phone, e-reader, and/or laptop all juiced up while you enjoy your fave book before bed.

    The white stick lamp

    3. An auto HEPA silent air purifier that's excellent at trapping light odors and keeping dust, allergens, mold, bacteria, and viruses to an absolute minimum (I mean, ew, who wants any of that floating around their bedroom??). Plus, it's quieter than a whisper and energy efficient.

    The auto HEPA silent air purifier

    4. A vintage-style mini retro beverage fridge so you don't even have to leave your room whenever you're craving a frosty seltzer, bottled water, or soda.

    The mini retro beverage fridge

    5. A microplush comfort mattress pad with a special quilted construction to keep it from shifting during the night (or the daytime when you're just chilling on your bed). Moisture-wicking and stain resistant, it helps keep your sleep space clean and comfy. Bonus: *machine-washable.*

    The microplush comfort mattress pad

    6. A performance 1080P screen projector that my friend owns and it is honestly a godsend when it comes to watching Netflix, playing video games, or even scrolling through social media...only you can project it big onto a bare wall. It's compatible with tons of devices and makes your bedroom feel like a movie theater.

    The performance 1080P screen projector

    7. A spacious two-shelf bookcase so you can keep your fave titles (and most important files) properly organized — with plenty of extra room to show off your beloved potted plants and novelty figurines, of course.

    The rustic two-shelf bookcase

    8. A lovely ultrasonic essential oil diffuser that comes with a bonus bottle of invigorating eucalyptus oil, so you'll have everything you need to turn your bedroom into a sweet-smelling, spa-like oasis. Ahhh.

    The ultrasonic essential oil diffuser and eucalyptus oil

    9. A gorgeous metallic bronze-printed yoga mat so you can roll it out and do your sun salutations as soon as you wake up or right before you hit the sack. Best of all, this textured, nonslip mat is made from materials that aren't harmful to the earth.

    Model enjoying the metallic bronze printed yoga mat

    10. A cheerful lumbar throw pillow that's ideal for adding a pop of color to your bed *and* giving you a great extra cushion to lie back against while you use your meditation app and all your anxiety melts away.

    11. An orthopedic cuddler dog bed so your furry best friend has a cozy and supportive place to rest — when they aren't busy snuggling with you, of course.

    The blue orthopedic cuddler dog bed

    12. A all-in-one night light, sound machine, and alarm for kids of all ages that can be easily synced with your smartphone or tablet. Enjoy fun, customizable colors and soothing white noise to block out irritating neighbors — all together, it creates the ideal sleep environment.

    The adjustable night light, sound machine, and time-to-rise indicator

    13. An adorable pink ceramic trinket dish with "I love you" engraved into the bottom, because it's important to organize your rings and bracelets, but it's also important to remember love yourself, you beautiful human.

    The pink ceramic trinket dish

    14. A soothing glass jar soy candle for creating a peaceful bedside aura. Not only does it smell great, it also burns for hours.

    The glass jar cozy nights soy candle

    15. A set of metal firefly mini-clip LED string lights so you can hang all your fave postcards and Polaroids on your walls and stare at them lovingly every evening, while bathed in a warm white glow (what, you don't do this?).

    The chrome firefly mini-clip LED string lights

    16. An amazing wall-mounted hanging mirror that swings open to reveal a mirrored LED-lit jewelry armoire, *just* in case you needed an excuse to spend all of your free time in your bedroom pretending to be Cher from Clueless and trying on absolutely everything.

    The wall-mounted hanging mirror and LED-lit jewelry armoire

    17. A super comfy woven shag rug to keep your bare toes warm on even the coldest of winter mornings.

    The indigo woven shag rug

    18. A solid-colored linen blackout curtain panel that will provide you with plenty of privacy and ensure that the sun stays out of your eyes on those days when you really want to nap or sleep in.

    The sour cream linen blackout curtain panel

    19. A dry erase monthly calendar perfect for staying on top of all your obligations, goals and work, it looks great on your bedroom wall.

    The dry erase monthly calendar

    20. A temperature controlled smart mug that, yes, *actually* re-heats and self-regulates your drink, without you having to waste time getting up and going to the microwave. Simply wake up and sip your tea. The future is now, and it is DELICIOUS.

    The white temperature controlled smart mug

    21. A colorful bean bag chair to use while you read, nap, watch movies, and scroll endlessly on your phone while perched upon like a royal. This '90s trend is coming back hard (like seemingly all '90s trends).

    Model using the purple/white bean bag char

    22. A woven rattan-look tissue box cover that's soft enough to keep right beside your bed or even *in it* right next to your pillow, if you've got the sniffles. Yes, I do this...please don't judge me.

    The woven rattan-look tissue box cover

    23. A versatile letter board for offering endless options when it comes to daily affirmations, personal inside jokes, and reminders.

    the letter board in pink

    24. A limited edition Jonathan Adler mini-Keurig coffeemaker because truly, who wants to walk all the way to the kitchen just to get a cup of joe, when this mini can live on your nightstand? This baby looks gorg with any bedroom décor, too.

    the coffee maker

    25. A yarn-dye striped duvet and sham set for that ultimate bedroom cottage-core aesthetic that Taylor Swift herself would probably love.

    The radiant gray yarn-dye striped duvet and sham set

    26. A farmhouse-chic pinewood floating wall shelf to show off your plants, photos, and absolute all-time favorite books. Pretty solid, huh?

    The pinewood floating wall shelf

    27. A stunning moon phases hanging wall tapestry featuring the full growth cycle of our gorgeous lunar satellite friend, for increasing your bedroom's soothing vibes. Study it closely, like counting sheep, until you doze off.

    The moon phases hanging wall tapestry

    28. A rectangle hidden frame laundry hamper that's lightweight, helps keep your space tidy, and comes with removable lid, so you'll never have to see (or smell) your sweaty gym T-shirts.

    The rectangle hidden frame laundry hamper

    29. A striking framed cactus print to add a little southwestern charm to your sleep space. Have sweet dreams of the wide open desert.

    The striking framed cactus print

    30. A micro-plush blanket for whenever you need a little extra warmth. It's so snuggly, you'll never want to let it go.

    The gray micro-plush bed blanket

    31. A hexagonal bungee chair for when your bed simply isn't cutting it anymore for lounging about. The cool design adds visual interest and the powder-coated finish gives it some long-lasting durability and sturdiness —and honestly, does your bedroom deserve any less?

    The black hex bungee chair

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