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    25 Things From Amazon That Kitten Owners Swear By

    If you're smitten with your new kitten and looking for some trusty items to help you parent them, these picks have got you covered.

    We hope you love the products we recommend! All of them were independently selected by our editors. Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a share of sales or other compensation from the links on this page if you decide to shop from them. Oh, and FYI — prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

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    1. An adjustable cat harness and leash set with a reflective strip to keep your kitten safe and secure as they venture out into the great wide world...all under your careful watch, of course.

    2. An interactive three-level turntable cat toy made of ultra-strong and tear-resistant material that will provide your new fur baby (or multiple kitties, as it's great for group play) with endless hours of physical and mental stimulation.

    Cats enjoying the blue three-level cat toy

    3. A vet-recommended monthly flea treatment that starts working within 12 hours and keeps on working for a month afterward. Kitten owners love that it's easy-to-use, fast-acting, and highly effective.

    4. A tasty chicken-flavored dry kitten food with natural fibers to promote healthy digestion, strong bones, strong teeth, and best of all, easy litterbox cleanup.

    5. An ultra-soft, safe, washable cat massage brush to gently detangle fur while de-stressing your kitten, ensuring they won't be tempted to scratch you as they'll be so relaxed their purrs will sound like a motorboat.

    The cat massage brush

    6. An incredible 29-piece kitten toy pack featuring everything you could ever dream of to keep your kitty baby entertained, including catnip, feather toys, crinkle balls, fluffy mouses, and even an interactive tunnel. It's the ultimate dream kitten goodie bag.

    7. A small, easy-to-clean stainless-steel litter box perfect for kittens who are learning to use one and need easy entry. With its rounded edges and no-stick smooth surface, it won't scratch your floor or poke at your kitty.

    Kitten using the litter box

    8. A sturdy scratching post made from natural materials and designed with two different captivating toys to help keep your kitten entertained while teaching them not to claw the furniture.

    9. A collapsible litter box and water bowl set that makes traveling with your adventure kitten an absolutely purr-fect breeze. It's small, portable, and folds for easy storage.

    Review photo of cat using the collapsible litter box and water bowl set

    10. A snuggly behavioral aid and transitional toy tiger featuring a "real feel" heartbeat that mimics the feeling of your kitten's litter-mates while helping them better relax, adjust, and ease themselves into their new forever home. Basically, this is your kitten's comforting new bestie (besides you, of course).

    11. A container of easy-to-mix powdered kitten milk replacement formula precisely developed with vitamins, minerals, and essential nutrients to match the milk of a nursing mother cat.

    12. A tactile set of cat food bowls that are shallow enough for small, growing kittens to reach in and gobble up their meals. Dishwasher safe, the anti-skid design makes it suitable for anywhere in your home....and really, who can resist those cat ears?

    Review photo of the white, grey, and black cat food bowl set

    13. A waterproof anti-escape playpen made from durable and breathable polyester fabric so your kitten has a safe, enclosed space to sleep and play under your expert supervision. It also makes for an excellent cuddle puddle pod for litters of new kittens and their mama cat.

    14. A self-warming quilted blanket mat for kittens who crave a luxuriously soft space to snooze. The thermal pad is safe and non-electric, reflecting their natural body heat to create a cozy snuggle spot.

    Review photo of cat enjoying the leopard self-warming blanket

    15. A six-pick of sushi kitten toys stuffed with catnip that even the biggest of biters won't be able to tear open and get all over your rug and floor. The safe, high-quality polyester fiberfill is durable, and having a few of these around can help ease your kitten's separation anxiety and occasional feelings of isolation.

    16. A premium clumping cat litter to specially attract kittens who need some incentive to get on their potty-training A-game.

    Review photo of kitten enjoying the cat litter

    17. A smart indoor Wi-Fi-compatible pet monitoring camera so you can always keep an eye on your kitten's activities even if you happen to be out running errands. The1080p HD camera provides you with excellent images, and it is motion and sound-detective in case your fur baby starts crying.

    18. An arched kitten mobile activity play mat that is oh-so soft and comfy with its high-quality velvet lining and awesome design, offering your kitty all kinds of dangling jingly balls and mice for them to bat it.

    19. A pack of grain-free crunchy salmon and cranberry wellness cat treats which are the perfect way to reward your kitten each time they use the scratching post, litter box, play nicely, or let you brush them. Reviewers say kitties go wild for these.

    Review photo of cat enjoying the treats

    20. A long-lasting cat condo tree to serve as a hammock, bed, and scratching post all in one. Think of it a bit like a 5-star hotel for your kitten that they'll love for all nine of their lives.

    21. A high-tech automatic laser pointer toy that emits five random patterns in a wide play area range while you WFH or watch TV. Save batteries, time, money (and energy), as it's USB-chargeable, plus you can place it high above so your kitten won't run into it on accident. Me-ow.

    Kitten enjoying the laser pointer toy

    22. A durable aluminum litter sifter for deep shoveling and faster, easier cleaning up after your precious kitten. Note the beautiful comfort grip handle and cast-built body. This one'll last you forever.

    23. A pack of 20 absorbent cat litter pads with powerful advanced odor control and waterproof backs to prevent leakage. They're also small enough for kitten-proofing your home, as accidents do happen, after all.

    Review photo of the cat litter pad

    24. A professional deep cleaning pet urine eliminator formula for fighting against stains, protecting rugs and carpeting, and preventing kittens from peeing on the same spot more than once.

    25. And a top-quality pet nail trimmer super easy to use with its ergonomic rubberized handles, thick, stainless steel blades, and special circular design that matches the shape of your kitten's nails while preventing against accidental nicks and cuts.

    Review photo of the curved green nail trimmers

    Some reviews have been edited for length and/or clarity.