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    20 Practical Products From Target That Are So Pretty You'll Genuinely Love Using Them

    You'll practically RUN to buy these lovelies.

    1. A shower curtain showcasing silhouetted illustrations of a diverse mix of absolutely beautiful people because your bathroom totally deserves a vibrant pop of color and a little visual interest, especially if you have bare white walls.

    The shower curtain

    2. A two-wick berry mountain candle that smells *so* delicious you may be tempted to eat it (hey, no judgment here). The pomegranate red and glass jar makes for an eye-catching combo that looks utterly fab on any surface, too.

    The candle

    3. A set of stamp coasters because is there ANYTHING worse than water stains on wooden surfaces?? These elegant little lovelies complement any silverware you already own and are super sturdy to boot.

    The coasters

    4. A pair of wedge bookends so you can show off the best of your ever-growing TBR pile (or just your absolute favorites). These especially look awesome perched on a floating shelf.

    The bookends

    5. A wire storage basket with endless uses and available in three distinct sizes perfect for everything from linens and bath supplies to cosmetics, groceries, books, wrapping get the picture. Keep your clutter well-organized with these sturdy beauties.

    The storage baskets

    6. A gorgeous wood cookbook holder featuring a smart slanted design to offer you a clear reading angle while you're cooking and skimming through all your favorite recipes. Bonus: it keeps your beloved cookbooks up and away from the countertop and potential spills and stains. Bon appétit.

    7. A woven wastebasket since we all produce unseemly trash, but there's no reason to let that fact keep your rooms looking anything but tidy and well-appointed. This bin looks especially great in a bedroom or bathroom.

    woven brown wastebasket

    8. A tea kettle available in some seriously ~gorgeous~ pastel colors highly recommended if you're a big tea lover like me and want to boil all your favorite blends and flavors JUST RIGHT.

    The light green kettle

    9. A cottagecore coffee table I wouldn't be surprised to find in one of Taylor Swift's lavish homes (especially one in the woods). It's got a total folklore vibe, adds a lovely touch of nature to your living area, and complements any room style.

    The coffee table

    10. A salt lamp that I own and personally adore, as it offers the most beautiful glow and operates as a reading light by my bedside, putting me in the perfect mood for sleep. You really can never go wrong with that soft, natural radiance, either.

    The salt lamp

    11. A round storage ottoman that doubles as extra seating, not just a place to stash extra magazines, board games, DVDs, and all kinds of clutter normally found in your living room.

    The cinnamon storage ottoman

    12. A stoneware vines mug if you want to sip your morning cup of Joe (or tea) in ultimate style. Dishwasher- and microwave-safe, it's easy as pie (or should I say a cup of coffee) to clean and reheat, too.

    The mug

    13. A gold metallic placement to add texture, shine, and a little subtle razzle dazzle to mealtime, especially if you've got guests coming over and you want to impress.

    The placemats

    14. A metal coffee table with multiple shelves, clean lines, and a sleek, modern look, ideal for storage, displaying your fave knickknacks and, of course, resting your feet on after a long day.

    The natural table

    15. A French country mantle wood mirror that'll add a little Parisian charm to any space, whether you place it above a fireplace or any old shelf. Oh là là.

    The mirror

    16. A set of mini bowls great for snacking or presenting some side dishes to everyone at the table. Best of all, pop 'em right into the dishwasher after munching.

    The mini bowls

    17. A fluted glass dispenser that's SO much nicer to use than those plastic commercial bottles that hand soap usually comes in. Add a little sophistication to your sink.

    The soap dispenser

    18. An acacia wood soap dish if you need a nice place for your fanciest hand soap to rest itself. It def gives off a little sauna-like ambiance, if you ask me.

    The soap dish

    19. A filtering window curtain panel made from a soft cotton fabric blend that lets JUST the right amount of sunlight brighten any room while giving you a good deal of privacy. Truly the Goldilocks of curtains.

    The blue denim curtain panel

    20. And an acrylic letter tray since, while most things have gone digital, there will ALWAYS be paper of some sort everywhere, so why not keep it stored in the prettiest way possible?

    The letter tray

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