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    28 Pieces Of Clothing From Amazon You'll Wear So Frequently, They'll Become Like Your New Uniform

    These wardrobe essentials are so wonderful you may wanna buy 'em all.

    Unless otherwise specified, all sizes in this post are listed in women's.

    1. A sleeveless mock-neck knit cropped tank which is not only totally on-trend, it's super soft, comfortable and goes with EVERY single bottom in your closet.

    2. Or a twist front crop top that comes pre-knotted for your styling pleasure, cinching right at your waist and making for the perfect pal to any high-waisted pair of pants, shorts or skirts.

    3. A Champion fleece crew to cuddle up in on cooler days. Reviewers rave it's like wearing your fave warm blanket, only WAY more fashionable, of course.

    4. A breathable pair of drawstring shorts you'll want to throw on in the spring, summer, or even when you're lounging around the house or slipping into bed. Oh, and did I mention they have POCKETS?

    5. A lightweight fleece jumpsuit for those days when you can't be bothered to pick out a whole outfit and just want to be as cozy as humanly possible. (And who could blame you?)

    6. A pair of faux-leather leggings to add a little edge to any OOTD, plus they look fab whether you wear them with your fave wedge sandals, high heels, or tuck 'em into thigh-high boots.

    7. A lovely three-quarter-sleeve dress just as awesome for the office as it is for a lovely brunch with your besties. Easily dress it up or down and stay cute and cool as a cucumber either way.

    Reviewer wearing the yellow dress

    8. A pair of loose linen overalls to throw on when you want a slouchy, low-key addition to your look that doesn't take any effort, yet still looks fab and put-together.

    9. A Hanes pullover sweatshirt so you'll feel as snug as a bug in a rug no matter how chilly it is inside (ugh, it's the worst when places turn the AC on too low).

    10. A causal-chic tunic top that looks great with pretty much all of the pants and leggings you own, and is honestly so comfortable you'll want to wear it every single day.

    11. An easy-going pair of jogger pants that are kinda like your fave pair of sweatpants only way cuter. They can even be dressed up with boots and a nice blouse and blazer, if you felt so inclined.

    12. A Calvin Klein bralette featuring the sexy, classic logo right on the band which looks oh-so-good peeking through a low-cut top or on its own.

    13. A buttery soft pair of biker shorts with pockets that are excellent if you want to avoid chafing but still stay cool in the warmer weather or during your latest sweat sesh. They pair ~so~ nicely with all kinds of sports bras and workout tops, too.

    14. A casual ruched dress for when you want something that hugs every inch of you without being see-through and risking any sort of fashion faux pas.

    15. A flowy high-waisted split maxi skirt perfect for days when you want to be showered with compliments and people begging to know where you got such a sweet find. Pro-tip: it matches well with any and all crop tops.

    16. An oversized graphic shirt so simple to toss on with a pair of shorts and sneakers for a casually cool vibe — plus the butterfly print is incredibly pretty.

    17. A long-sleeve mock turtleneck great for peeps who tend to get cold easily no matter the season and love a good layering essential. Just add a cozy jacket, pretty necklace, and scarf.

    18. A versatile Wrangler denim jacket because you can never go wrong with anything denim, as it's long-lasting, sturdy, and extremely adorable.

    19. An adjustable baseball cap with an intentionally distressed look to draw attention to your gorgeous face while shielding it from the harsh rays of the sun or drops of rain.

    20. A *super* cute strapless crop top as sometimes you just wanna show off your stunning shoulder blades or have something smart to wear underneath a cozy cardigan.

    21. A sweet swing dress you'll be tempted to take about a billion Instagram photos in, especially if it involves a lush botanical garden as your backdrop.

    22. A fuzzy, textured popcorn sweater reviewers rave is as high-quality as it is sophisticated, and can be worn all throughout the year (I'm talking about those windy, cool spring and summer nights, of course).

    23. A trendy mini skater skirt to swirl and twirl around in endlessly. Seriously, this baby is made for dancing and is not too short and not too long. Call it the Goldilocks of skirts.

    24. An adorable button-down pajama set that will tempt you to spend all day in bed or cozied up on the couch watching a good Netflix series while taking a bunch of photos of yourself, natch.

    25. An elegant pair of high-waisted dress pants excellent to wear when you go out dancing with your besties or take yourself out for a swanky dinner — because you so deserve it.

    26. A ruched asymmetrical skirt with a sexy side slit that can be styled in tons of different ways and adds a bit of glam and va-va-voom to an otherwise ordinary outfit.

    27. A swoon-worthy pair of Steve Madden slip-on loafers that might just replace your current favorite pair of flats. Not only are they supportive as heck, they easily gussy up all your OOTDs.

    Reviewer wearing the black loafers

    28. And an off-the-shoulder maxi dress to help you fully celebrate the gorgeous spring and summer seasons in ultimate style. Wear it with a wide-brimmed floppy hat for a little extra fun. 🌸

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