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    25 Pet Products From Chewy That’ll Prevent Problems Before They Happen

    From pet fountains to aquarium filters, these awesome products go a long way in preventing problems *before* they even arise.

    We hope you love the products we recommend! All of them were independently selected by our editors. Just so you know, BuzzFeed collects a share of sales and/or other compensation from the links on this page. Oh, and FYI — prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

    1. A super snazzy retro game cat scratcher toy so not only does your kitty have something to get their claws on other than your furniture, you've also got a cute conversation piece in your home to boot.

    Cat enjoying the retro game cat scratcher toy

    Promising review: "Cooper is a fiend for a good scratcher, cardboard being his absolute favorite. With his love of that plus my love of video games, it’s a win-win. All three of the cats love it, and it’s even able to handle the intensity of Mama Chubbs and her 'thiccc' self." —Chels

    Price: $13.21

    2. A dog grooming rake that simply works *wonders* for keeping your pooch's coat healthy and well-groomed, preventing a lot of shedding problems that result in more cleanup for you and stray hairs found everywhere in unexpected places.

    Reviewer's picture of a huge clump of fur after brushing their yellow lab
    LabLover / Chewy

    Promising review: "I have a short-haired dog who sheds a TON. This brush works amazingly well and leaves his coat shiny and smooth. It gets so much hair off even when my dog doesn't look like he's shedding." —Mandy

    Price: $12.99

    3. A pack of absorbent dog pee pads great for pets prone to accidents in the house, from puppies to senior pooches. Prevent them with these and your fur babies (and carpet) will thank you for it.

    Puppy enjoying the absorbent dog pee pads

    Promising review: "The perfect dog pee pad! Very absorbent. Pads absorb quickly. Pads have wet-lock gel around the edges, preventing overflow. Wee-Wee Pads don’t stick to themselves like other pads I’ve tried, making them easy to put down quickly." —Lisa

    Price: $6.29+ (originally $10.49+, available in seven pack sizes)

    4. A collapsible pet storage bin to keep all your pet's toys properly organized (and to prevent *you* from stepping on stray sharper ones while barefoot...ouch). Best of all, you can easily fold it and pack it away for later, or even travel with it.

    Dog enjoying the collapsible pet storage bin

    Promising review: "My dog chewed on it when she was a puppy and frayed part of the edges. It withstood it pretty well though, and I still use it for her toys. She has a lot of toys, and I can only fit part of them in the box. However, it holds a decent amount of them! It’s also a nice color and came packaged well." —nosyrosie

    Price: $9.87 (originally $10.48)

    5. A pack of dental dog treats so you can more or less trick your dog into getting a treat (pun very much intended) that will help keep their teeth sparkly clean and healthy. Oh yeah, and these help stop bad doggie breath in its tracks.

    Reviewer's before and after of dog's yellow teeth and then brighter white teeth
    Luna / Chewy

    Promising review: "I have tried a wide variety of dental chews to help with the tartare on Buddy’s teeth (not to mention the bad bad doggie breath). He would leave them lying around the house. Now he chews and devours the whole thing. Buddy is 13 years old although I have had him for a little more than a year. Learning his likes and dislikes has been a challenge." —Buddy

    Price: $3.46+ (originally $3.49+, available in 11 pack and treat sizes)

    6. A soft-sided dog and cat carrier bag because your pets deserve a comfortable, safe, and well-supported place to get in some R&R whether you're taking them on a long drive or trip across the country. Oh yeah, and it's already airline-approved, so no need to worry over that.

    The purple soft-sided dog and cat carrier bag

    Promising review: "My husband used this to bring a 4-pound puppy from Arizona to Ohio. It fit great on Southwest’s airplanes. It has a hard bottom insert with a cover that can be washed. It gives the dog a solid surface to sit, stand, and lay down on. I’ve had no problems with it keeping its shape or collapsing on the dog. I would recommend this carrier." —Cincygirl

    Price: $25.99+ (originally $39.99+, available in two sizes and six colors)

    7. A multi-functional pet nose, paw, and hot spot moisturizer perfect for soothing your pet's sensitive skin (and snout), preventing dryness, cracking, and chafing. It even treats irritating hot spots, *and* it's uniquely formulated to prevent them from licking it.

    Dog enjoying the pet nose, paw and hot spot moisturizer

    Promising review: "My old boy's nose was getting dry on the top and this worked great to get it back to normal! I have only had to put it on a couple of times and I can see the difference by the next day. Amazing product and I would definitely recommend it if your pup's nose is dried out!" —Zack

    Price: $3.95+ (originally $5.94+, available in five sizes)

    8. An awesome chicken-flavored dental cat treat for your keeping kitty's dental hygiene in tip-top condition while providing them a little vitamin supplement to boot.

    The chicken-flavored dental cat treat

    Promising review: "My cats are OBSESSED with any Greenies treats!! Almost any time I go to the kitchen my cats sprint behind me literally yelling for treats. They are low calorie so I don't mind giving a couple a few times a day. I'm glad they offer large tubs because we need them!! My cats have never turned down any type or flavor. I like the dental versions in hopes they will help with their dental health. If you love your cats you should buy these!" —JilShe

    Price: $2.34+ (originally $2.59+, available in seven pack sizes)

    9. A boredom-busting interactive cat toy because when you can't be home to entertain your kitty (or when you *really* need to WFH), you can rest easy knowing they'll stay engaged by its realistic bird noises and movements which simulate their mind and natural prey drive.

    Cat enjoying the interactive cat toy
    Chewy / Via

    Promising review: "My kitten loves this toy, even when it's not turned on. He just loves batting the bird around in the cage. It's sturdy enough to hold up to kitten play and doesn't fall over." —Gsport

    Price: $19.99

    10. A triple-enzyme system toothpaste for dogs and cats to prevent plaque and tartar buildup, ensuring your fur babies have healthy chompers while preventing gum and dental disease. Fewer trips to the doggie dentist for you.

    The toothpaste for dogs and cats

    Promising review: "My cat is having some dental issues right now, so I can't brush his teeth, but I want to make sure that he stays familiar with the brushing routine. So every day I put a TINY amount of the toothpaste on the toothbrush and let him lick it off. He thinks that it's a treat!" —Trixie

    Price: $8.55

    11. A natural dog wax which essentially works like a pair of boots without the struggle of getting your dog to wear them in the wintertime. Prevent sand, ice, and snow irritation on their precious paws and ensure it stays off.

    Promising review: "Good for ears too! This stuff has been a lifesaver. Our dogs' ears get so dry in the winter, then they scratch them, then they bleed, then they scab, and then the scabs itch, and on and on. Moisturizers only helped so much, and we had to do it multiple times a day. This stuff is almost like ChapStick for their ears; we don't even need to do it daily anymore, and they're not constantly messing with their ears." —Sarah

    Price: $24.99+ (originally $25+, available in two sizes)

    12. A trusty pet food storage container so their pricey kibble stays as fresh for as long as humanly possible, reducing spoilage due to pests and moisture. Oh, and the design is super sleek too, so it looks great in your pantry.

    Yubasmom / Chewy

    Promising review: "I recently started feeding my dogs different kinds of food so I needed a new container. I decided to go ahead and get two since my other one was so old. They are great. I love that they roll and love it has a lid where my dogs can't get it open." —HappyDogMom

    Price: $10.56+ (available in four sizes)

    13. A topical flea and tick spray for dogs and cats because there's truly nothing worse for your pets (and for you and your linens and furniture) than dealing with pesky fleas and ticks. Repel those creepy crawlies for good.

    Veronicag / Chewy

    Promising review: "My parents use this for their feral cat colony. We spray the bedding and the surrounding area and so far it has worked really well!" —Jess

    Price: $20.36 (originally $28.99)

    14. An interactive dog bowl that not only slows down hasty eaters (thus improving their digestion and overall health), it gives them a fun little puzzle to solve to get their beloved grub.

    Dog enjoying the interactive dog bowl

    Promising review: "Our pup was eating so fast she was getting sick. We got her a harmony slow feeder first but it didn’t slow her down at all. Then we found this. Our pup went from taking ONE MINUTE to eat her food to 10 minutes! It works! And no more getting sick from eating too fast. Great product!" —Nikki

    Price: $6+ (originally $14.99+, available in two sizes)

    15. An allergy and immune supplement said to give your pup's immune system a much-needed boost, especially if they're prone to skin issues. Plus they contain probiotics so they may help in preventing icky doggie diseases like bloat and constipation.

    The allergy and immune supplement
    Chewy / Via

    Promising review: "My little girl is part poodle and part Maltese. She has summer allergies; chicken allergies. With her allergies she tends to chew her legs all up to where there’s no hair left on her legs and she does not do this now. She has been taking the vitamins for about 30 days and after the first 10 days I saw a vast improvement. She is 14 years old and I have seen a change in her vitality also. She will be taking these the rest of her life. Thank you zesty paws!" —Snickerdoodle

    Price: $26.97+ (available in two sizes)

    16. A ball launcher toy, which allows you to throw as many rounds of fetch as your pup pleases without you having to tire out your arm *or* get slobbery pup drool all over your hands.

    Dog enjoying the ball launcher toy

    Promising review: "This is an amazing toy! For any pup who loves to run and chase a ball, this thing will save your arm and give your furry friend tons of fun! We use it every single day and our pup whines with joy when she sees it. We cannot recommend it enough. In fact, we have several — we keep one in each car as well as one by the door — ready to go at any time. If you're hesitating, don't! Such a great toy at a great price; you and your pup will be so glad you did." —Floofmeister

    Price: $4.19 (originally $12.99)

    17. A 30-day supply of calming diffuser oil for cats that helps naturally comfort and reassure stressed kitties who are adjusting to new cats and environments. Avoid fussy feline behavior like urine spraying, scratching, and hiding while making your cat feel more at home.

    Cat enjoying the calming diffuser oil

    Promising review: "These have worked like magic for my cats. The first time I used it was with an older adopted cat who had been in a shelter for seven-and-a-half years. Suddenly being an only cat was difficult for her. This product calmed and soothed her. The second time I bought this kit was when I introduced a 10-week-old kitten in to the household. My other cat is 1 1/2-years-old. They would have become fast friends eventually, however I feel this made that process go more quickly and more smoothly." —Sally

    Price: $24.99 (originally $29.99)

    18. A waterproof Wyze pet camera so you can monitor your pet's activity even while you're out with a special sensor that even records nighttime footage in vivid color. When motion or sound is detected, your phone gets an alert, *and* there's two-way audio so you can even talk to your buddy. Think of it as an interactive baby monitor for your beloved fur babies.

    The Wyze pet camera

    Promising review: "This took me about five minutes to set it up. The quality is amazing for this price and the app is 'frictionless;' I love it. Should have bought it sooner. Currently contemplating buying one for the dog we usually kennel when we leave the house and mounting it to the bars." —Yyay

    Price: $30.73 (originally $35.98)

    19. An internal aquarium power filter that provides a consistently clean, healthy swimming environment for your fishies, turtles, and other aquatics pets. Its anti-clog design and bio-scrubber also means easier tank maintenance and way less work for you.

    Sandy / Chewy

    Promising review: "I've had this filter for a few months now and I must say that it has done an AMAZING job at keeping the water in my turtle tank crystal clear. I was a little skeptical when I bought, it but over time, it has proven to be one of my best purchases ever for my little friends. Happy turtles, happy life!" —SxyKrzyKool

    Price: $6.99+ (originally $20.99+, available in three sizes)

    20. A mess-proof elevated dog feeder, which saves you time and money spent on cleaning splashes and spills on the floors, *and* reduces neck and joint strain, improves digestion, and deters pests from messing with your pup's food.

    Dog enjoying the mess-proof elevated dog feeder

    Promising review: "I purchased this for my new puppy and I am so glad that I did. It keeps the mess perfectly contained, is super easy to clean, and gives him a safe space where he knows is his place to eat. It also is a huge help when it comes to not kicking bowls over on accident. It is made well and comes packaged well. I would absolutely recommend this product!" —Jess

    Price: $26.99+ (originally $34.99+, available in three sizes)

    21. A mineral block bird banquet beak conditioner designed to entertain and enrich your feathered friends, helping to prevent beak outgrowth while also giving them something fun and tasty to peck at throughout the day.

    The mineral block beak conditioner

    Promising review: "My conure likes it! I always keep one of these in her cage to keep her beak in good condition. She must really like the taste because she uses it every day and her beak looks great. It's an attractive melon color also and it smells good." —Pelican

    Price: $3.58

    22. A small animal playpen ideal for rabbits, ferrets, guinea pigs, and other small animals so you can keep a close watch on them while giving them free range to safely romp around and play.

    The small animal playpen

    Promising review: "I bought two playpens to do an enclosure for my three ferrets. Zip ties worked perfect to tie the extra panels and even make a door. Also zip ties add extra security so they don’t open the play pen. This works perfect for them to have a bigger space besides the ferret nation cage and I let them out when I’m home by opening the little blue door at the bottom. They love it! When they are done playing in the living room they go by themselves to their enclosure to sleep." —Vivi2021

    Price: $43.99 (originally $74.99)

    23. A hooded cat corner litter box to save you space and keep litter confined to exactly where it should be, which is in the box and not on your beautiful clean floors.

    Cat enjoying the hooded cat corner litter box
    Chewy / Via

    Promising review: "This is a wonderful box for my two large cats. The fact that it fits in the corner means that it saves space and there is enough room inside for the boys to be able to turn around comfortably. Earlier reviews have mentioned the lack of a handle, and while this is a small issue, the cover is very light and easily removed. This is quite possibly one of the best feline purchases I’ve made." —TwoBoys

    Price: $27.99 (originally $41.99)

    24. A soft vest strap harness for small breeds that prevents tugging, pulling, *and* keeps your dog cool, comfy, and most importantly, super safe on long walks. The reflective bands are visible at night and the step-in vest design is super easy for them to get in and out of.

    Dog enjoying the pink soft vest strap harness

    Promising review: "I had been looking for a harness that is sturdy yet soft enough to be comfortable for my dog. He's a neck puller so ordinary collars are out of the question. I wanted one that had no 'connections' on the parts of his body where he rests, no extra bumps under his tummy or on his sides. This one fits the bill. Easy to step in, and a Velcro adjustable closure with additional snap-in clip. The clip is a must. I previously had one with a Velcro closure only and he pulled so hard it came apart. The medium fits this 15-pound dog perfectly." —Betty

    Price: $11.09+ (originally $12.01+, available in four colors and five sizes)

    25. A cat water fountain, which encourages even the most fickle of felines to get their daily hydration on. Featuring three flow settings, the smart design is simple to clean and keeps dirt, debris and other nasties out of your cat's water.

    gamechanger / Chewy, Rose / Chewy

    Promising review: "The shelter where I worked had one and several of the cats really liked it, so when I needed another fountain I decided to try this one. I like it because it's easy to clean and assemble. There's no need to fiddle around making sure every part lines up just right to make the water flow. My two larger (or maybe just lazy) cats especially like it because of its height. They can sit or stand up to drink instead of crouching to the floor. It does the job. No complaints." —Cassie

    Price: $25.87 (originally $39.99)

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