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    31 Problem-Solving Products From Chewy Every Dog Owner Probably Needs

    If you've dealt with these common pooch problems, fear not, as some useful products are here to help.

    1. A tasty pack of all-natural peanut butter dental treats to fight tartar and plaque, helping to keep even hard-to-reach doggie teeth clean and their breath smelling fresh.

    The pack of all-natural peanut butter dental treats

    2. A super absorbent pack of premium potty pads that comes with a built-in dog attractant so your pooch knows exactly where to go. With five layers of protection and leakproof plastic lining, this is ideal for training puppies and preventing accidents in older dogs.

    3. A hot spot and itch relief spray specially formulated to relieve redness, swelling, and wounds that are working hard on healing. Provide rapid relief to your precious pooch with this baby.

    The hot spot itch and relief spray

    4. A container of calming chicken-flavored hemp treats perfect for pups prone to whining and barking out of anxiety, restlessness, and/or hyperactivity. These all-natural yummies are said to work to relax your dog within just 30 to 40 minutes so you can get back to work or your own R&R.

    The container of calming chicken-flavored hemp treats

    5. A smart robot vacuum cleaner with a handy remote control to help keep your home free of dust, dirt, and pet dander. Bonus: It's easily controlled with the press of a button.

    The smart robot vacuum cleaner

    6. A pet staircase so your furry friend can more easily reach you for those coveted morning kisses and couch snuggles, especially if they're on the shorter side or struggling with arthritis. It also comes in handy for car rides.

    Dog using the chocolate pet staircase

    7. A chic elevated bowl great for reducing neck strain by keeping your dog's water and grub at a comfortably reachable level. No more eating off the floor, Fido.

    8. An amazing deshedding tool with an easy release button that my family *swears by* and still uses to this day to remove loose fur and undercoat from our always shedding "German shedder" dogs.

    9. An oatmeal paw butter to soothe dry, cracked puppy toes and paw pads with its gentle blend of shea butter, oatmeal, mango, natural oils, and vitamins. Gently massage it in for revived doggie feet.

    Dog enjoying the oatmeal paw butter

    10. A collapsible silicone bowl you can simply latch on to your dog's leash (or your bag) while on the go. Whether it's a long walk, car ride, or camping trip, you'll always have a hydration station on hand.

    Dog using the blue collapsible silicone portable travel bowl

    11. A stain-and-odor remover with a pleasing light citrus scent because as much as you love your dog, you certainly don't want their smells and stains permanently attached to your carpets, floors, and furniture.

    The stain and odor remover

    12. A beyond adorable dinosaur hide-and-seek plush toy to help bust doggie boredom with a colorful puzzle that's easy on your pup's mouth and squeaks to get their attention.

    Dog enjoying the birthday volcano dinosaur hide-and-seek plush toy

    13. A safe and gentle nonirritating ear cleaner for when your dog needs excessive wax and debris removed to prevent and treat inflammation and infection.

    the white bottle of ear cleaner in front of a reviewer's dog

    14. A stylish dog backpack great for on-the-go pet parents who like to take their fur babies on extended outings. Fully adjustable and lightweight, it allows for a variety of extra storage options including treats, water, and supplies in its zippered pouches and pockets.

    a dog wearing a blue backpack

    15. A handy ball launcher so you never have to touch a slobbery, sticky tennis ball ever again even during some truly Olympic-worthy games of fetch. Throw farther and longer than your human arm can alone.

    16. A special eye rinse easy to apply when fighting tear stains, bacteria buildup, and any gunk and pollen. This product is certainly nothing to roll your eyes at.

    The dog eye rinse

    17. A direct-to-seatbelt doggie swivel collar to keep your precious pooch safely strapped in during the entire car ride, especially if they're the type that likes to climb into the front seat and knock over your coffee mug.

    Dog wearing the direct-to-seatbelt swivel collar

    18. A snug doggie raincoat because there's nothing more annoying than coming home from a long walk in a downpour with a smelly wet pup. The cute elephant print will brighten up even the cloudiest of days.

    Dog wearing the doggie raincoat

    19. A pack of peanut butter–flavored pill pockets for dogs who tend to spit out any medicine you try to give them. They're super easy to use — simply pop in the pill, pinch it shut, and feed to your furry friend.

    20. A bright-orange doggie life jacket with float support, reflective strips, and dual handles to keep your water-lovin' pup safe and in your line of sight.

    Dog wearing the bright orange doggie lifejacket

    21. A foldable poop scooper featuring cool spring-action jaws to make your job of cleaning up after your dog that much easier.

    The spring action foldable poop scooper

    22. A portable dog paw cleaner so your buddy's paws will be muddy no more even after the wettest of walks.

    Dog using the blue paw cleaner

    23. A no-pull harness for much easier walks in which your dog doesn't yank your arm out of its socket even when they run into an enticing pack of deer or squirrels.

    24. A soothing anti-itch shampoo made with oatmeal, aloe vera, and vitamin E to ensure your dog's skin and fur stays protected and well-moisturized no matter the indoor or outdoor elements.

    The anti-itch shampoo

    25. A classic and near indestructible Kong toy perfect for pups who quickly chew through most of their prized possessions. Fill it with peanut butter for an easy treat that'll keep them occupied for hours on end.

    Dog enjoying the Kong toy

    26. An airtight storage container so all that nutritious food you've invested in stays fresh for as long as humanly possible.

    The pet food storage container

    27. A professional double-bladed nail trimmer with a tension spring to ensure a swift, clean cut that won't hurt your pup even a hair and will make the whole pedicure process smoother for anxious dogs.

    The double-bladed nail trimmer

    28. A container of soft, chewy, lamb-flavored allergy and immune supplements that are said to support canine immunity, digestive function, and overall well-being. It really is a top dog product.

    a reviewer holding the tub of immune bites in front of their dog

    29. An awesome breed identification DNA test ideal for families that can't agree on what exactly their mutt is mixed with. Simply swab their cheeks, send it to the lab, and wait three weeks for results.

    30. A weather-resistant pet camera so you can keep a close eye on your most beloved baby even when you're at work, out running errands, or even just in the backyard gardening.

    31. And a fragrance-free sunscreen balm for those pups prone to dry skin, sunburns, and cracked snouts that need a little soothing.

    The dog sunscreen moisturizer balm

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